Black swimming pools, will they catch on? Black tubs too?

Every home renovation show I've seen lately where they are installing an in ground pool all the pools have had a black liner or are painted black. Could this be the start of a big trend? Black swimming pools?

At first I though, ugh, who would want a black pool? After awhile I started to like them. The black inside works like a reflective surface mirroring back the landscaping around the pool. Almost every pool I saw was at a country home where there were tons of trees. The idea is pretty cool and really does look unique. I think a black pool would be fantastic on a roof top in New York city. Especially if the surrounding buildings would reflect in the pool. Even if they didn't it would still be so chic to have late night parties around a black pool.
I wonder how it feels to swim in a black pool, does it feel like you are swimming in the abyss? Does it make you feel like you are going to be attacked by a sea monster lurking in the dark shadows bellow or does it make you look 10 pounds slimmer? 

Could this catch on in bathrooms as well?

Will black bathtubs be the next trend? Like black baby cribs were this year. 

It looks like the inside of this tub is black. It does look rather chic and the cement tub base is such a nice, sleek, minimalist design. It would be perfect for when you need to lay back and clear your mind. The matching black rubber duckies are a must!

What do you think, do you love black swimming pools?

And what about black bathtubs?

image via: iidudu, wa designDick Clark + Associatesfreshomedecor, archdaily

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