11 Halloween mirrors to spook up your bathroom decor

 Here's a few of the top Halloween themed mirrors I've come across. It doesn't take much
to add a little Halloween festivity to your bathroom mirror.
All you need to make the ghost bellow is a little paint brush and a bottle of 
Elmer's white school glue!
This bloody mirror looks like they used gel stick-ons you can get at the dollar store, but you can also make your own bloody mirror by adding some blue and red food coloring to corn starch and put bloody hands on your mirrors with that.
I think these next 2 quick and easy interactive mirrors are loads of fun. I'm imagining all
the different themes we could do!
And while you're at it why not spook up your nails like this!
Happy Halloween!

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You'll love this pretty pink and white small modern bathroom

When I saw this fantastic bubble gum pink bathroom all I could think was Yes, Yes, Yes!
This is how you add pink to a bathroom and keep it fresh and modern! It is such a lively, fun and neat looking bathroom I don't know who wouldn't love it. It is pink perfection in my mind. The bright white of the walls, white shower, toilet and sink just make the pink pop perfectly.

It looks incredible as is, look at that fantastic shower with floor to ceiling glass, the modern faucets, all that fabulous pink cupboard storage, the pink counter top, but...
what about adding some art?
I might go girly and do something like they did in this bathroom: here
(I'm sure guys wouldn't mind this art either, it's not too girly)
Or if you wanted something a bit more masculine I think this Andy Warhol
pink gun
print would look fantastic either in a white or a black frame.


Are you like me, dying to have a pink bathroom now?

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Tub base Tuesday: 2x2 add a little oomph

You want a little detail, you want something a little different, but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for fancy mosaic tiles? I hear ya. Then this is a great tub base design idea for you.
Choose as your main tile a tile that has a matching 2x2 or 1x1 tile. Seems obvious right? I say this because for many of the new large porcelaine tiles matching small tiles aren't offered. Believe me it can be a real pain to find another tile with the same color tone. This is especially true when it comes to beige tiles, good luck finding one that matches, it's crazy hard! 
Trim the top edge with a row of the small tile and then tile the deck in this tile as well. I think this is a great, simple design. You could even add a few more rows of the small tile if you want. I'd measure the height of the tub base, calculate how many whole tiles of my main tile fit without having to do any cuts and then the remainder do in the small tiles (btw, usually an odd number of rows looks best). Nice simple design idea and less painful on your wallet too.
Oh and if you do fall in love with a large tile that doesn't have a matching small tile, here's an option - get a marble 1x1 or 2x2 tile. The drawback is that you will have to seal it every few years, the advantage is that surprisingly the stone 2x2 & 1x1 tiles are often cheaper then the porcelain tiles of the same size. They are also prettier too. Oh and make sure to check that the thickness of the small tile is the same as the large tile.

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Zombie Halloween bathroom accessories

This weekend my husband had a Walking Dead marathon. I'm too chicken to sit and watch it. I keep getting him to update me on the story. He can't wait till the next season starts.
For fun I thought I'd see what zombie accessories were available on Etsy to decorate the bathroom. Don't think I'd want any of this in my bathroom regularly, but for a Halloween party it would be perfect.
So let's see what would go into our Zombie Halloween bathroom...
First we'd need to set the mood.
Some soothing music perhaps?
No way! We want it to creep people out, we want them to be so freaked out that they will rush out quick. What better than the soundtrack from the tv show itself. I was surprised to see that the song "People" is by Lisa Marie Presley.
(also found this the Walking Dead playlist on youtube: here)
Next we'd need some mood lighting....
At first I though a black light would be good, then I realized, no a
red light bulb would be better. Make you feel like you are in a room splattered with blood. Lovely.
Now to add some scent and a bit more ambiance we'll need some candles. You can't really have eerie and scary without tossing in a few flickering candles. Wasn't quiet sure what scent we'd want, I checked bath and body works but surprisingly they didn't have a zombie scented candle, go figure;)
This was my favorite candle I found. I'd put this one on top of the toilet. I like the
little touch of adding a doily underneath. Tres funny. 
Liked this one too.
Need to toss in a few more zombies so I'd probably add a few like this:
Could do a little diy out of some pickle or mason jars like these. I'd put those battery powered candles you find at the dollar store inside these and line them up on a window sill or shelf.
These would also be easy too recreate too (or buy and support the creative minds on Etsy). Could make them out of some altoids tins. They'd give off that nice survival, end of the world vibe.
Next we'd need something pretty spectacular as the focal point. I think this zombie shower curtain would do the trick. It creeps me out!

Or if you'd rather have a guy zombie, how about this zombie guy shower curtain?
RW2 SHOWER CURTAIN Zombie art Newly Awakened horror gothic goth surreal

And for those nosy parkers who'd peak behind the shower curtain, I'd fill the tub with a few inches of water, add in some ketchup for lumps, some red food dye, empty a few cans of whole tomatoes, smash them up a bunch. Then I'd pick up some severed body parts from the dollar store, weigh a few down so they don't all float and attach some of those tub lights at the bottom of the tub. An entire zombie would be ideal and maybe a head hanging from the shower faucet and some red streaks down the tiles would be nice touches too.

Now this I found completely disgusting, so needless to say it is a must!
(I'd probably want to turn the water in the toilet red too.)
 Thought this would be a nice soap dish and the toothbrush holder I'd use as a
vase and put a few dead roses in (another classic like the flickering candle lights.)
Gross Dead Zombie Fingers Soap Set Handcrafted Novelty Glycerin Usable Bath Art by JBABS

If you really want to overhaul your bathroom to make it zombie heaven, why not change out the bathroom hooks to these ones:
ZOMBIE HAND Guitar Hanger, Clothes, Jewelry, Towel Rack

I think this would be the perfect hand towel to use. Or you could take a roll of paper towel and dip part of it in red dye. That would look very festive too...
I think that's a good start to a disgusting Halloween party bathroom.
Is there anything I've missed?

I would have liked to add something on a timer that popped out of somewhere to add a surprise scare, but didn't find anything extra special. Ahhh, your guests would surely love you and would probably want to seek revenge so maybe it's not the best idea, especially for us big chickens!

What else would you add to make this zombie bathroom extra creepy? 
images via: pasteamcelle lights etsy (click on the link bellow the photos to go to the exact etsy shop),

Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Heavenly loo

I thought it was only appropriate to post this week's fav bathroom photo on
Sunday. It just seems fitting don't you think?
This is the bathroom of the lovely lady bellow. Her name is Maranda Engelbrecht. She is a well known food stylist, chef and author of the book Babel and founder of Babel restaurant.
I imagine that Maranda's heavenly bathroom must be where she gets her divine inspiration for creating such mouth watering dishes (you'll see what I mean in the photos bellow). Maranda's home is in Paternoster on the West Coast and her restaurant is situated in the Cape Winelands, which is less than an hours drive from the city of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Now lets take a peek at her creations...

The chic resto:

The yummy, healthy dishes:

And look at how gorgeous one of her menus is:

The gorgeous gardens:

I love Maranda's concept for a restaurant. Not only is the food healthy and delicious looking and the fruits and vegetable grown in their own gardens, but the restaurant also has it's very own spa!

Feast your eyes on the restaurant's spa pool. Now this is a fabulous idea, after a satisfying meal, what better way to relax then lying under these water streams?

And the piece de resistance...I'll let you read what's written on the Babel site:
"The quintessential Babylonstoren Garden Spa experience is the Private Hammam Water Ritual in the marble hammam. Choose between the full hour water ritual with traditional scrub, dynamic stretching and massage or the intense Babylonstoren honey and salt scrub."
Sounds like bliss no? I want to try them both! Who would not feel like they were in heaven surrounded by all this beautiful marble and blue ceiling. Complete bliss!

I hope I get to visit Maranda's restaurant one day. Everything looks so perfect.
To learn more about her incredible restaurant, spa and gardens go here.

image via: lanalou style , elle decoration , babylonstoren