Walls of wonderful tiny porcelaine tiles

Was on the hunt the other day for some colorful mosaic tiles that wouldn't break the bank. I jumped for joy when I saw these displays. Look at all these bright, delicious colors. Hello bright yellow, hello French blue and cherry red, where have you cutie little tiles been all my life? Only problem, they can't be used on the floor, oh fudge!
So the search continues...but think of all the gorgeous designs you could do on
the walls with these babies...

Here's a shot of my empty ice cap posing next to the gorgeous green tiles. Yup, I can't go tile shopping without a yummy iced coffee. I think there's a law about that, thou shalt not shoppith for tiles without a tasty ice cappuccino in hand!

Look at these colours! Why oh why can't they work on the floor. I'd have had
such fun working with these beauties:

These  other teeny tiny tiles can be used on the floor. I had fun putting together different color combos, but the colors just aren't as vibrant and happy as the ones above.

images via: todaloos

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