The perfect little hanging lamps for kids bathrooms

Wouldn't this monkey pendant lamp be perfect for your little monkey's bathroom?
Please excuse the poor lighting, I took these photos with my iphone, these were the best shots of all the ones I took, so you can just imagine how bad the others were! It's surprisingly hard to take photos of lamps! The sales lady must have thought I was a little nuts taking so many photos of these lights. She was probably saying to herself, 'just buy 
one already'!
I think these lamps would add a fun touch to kids bathrooms, they'd work for both boys or girls bathrooms. These cute animal lights add the perfect touch of fun and can easily be changed out when they grow out of them. However, I don't know if they'd grow out of them, I was almost tempted to get one for myself, I think Mr.Zebra, down bellow, could look rather smashing hanging in my closet.
How crazy cute are these lamps?!
Here's a close up of the giraffe lamp packaging in case you want more info or
you could go here to check them all out.

 images via: todaloos

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