Framed butterflies in the bathroom


It used to be that the only places you'd find mounted and framed butterflies were in great aunts tea rooms, curio cabinets in private libraries or at nature museums. In my case, my grandfather had a collection of framed monarch butterflies in his basement. Opa had the coolest basement, you'd never know what you'd find down there. His collection of butterflies lined the window above his work bench. I used to sit and dust them off while we chatted as he tinkered away. The giant pins holding the butterflies down both amazed me and creeped me out. I like to think that all the butterflies in his collection died of natural causes, not from being pinned and framed!
I love the idea of using framed butterflies (or even better - photos of butterflies) to decorate the bathroom. They are beautiful to look at and each is so unique.
How about having a pretty row of framed butterflies like this?
Not enough butterflies you say?
Don't worry they put more butterfly frames on the rest
of the walls! I like the 2 yellow butterflies frame.


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