Tub with a view: Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Alright, last week was pine trees, so this week you know that I had to pull out a tropical paradise tub for you. I didn't want to let you guys down. I think this one is right on the money. A tub filled with flowers steps off the balcony. Very, very nice. I find there's one thing wrong with this picture though...
Doesn't that fuzzy little coconut in the glass vase look like he's been put into solitary confinement? You see what I mean....

Poor little Mr.Coconut!
image via: unknown

Walls of wonderful tiny porcelaine tiles

Was on the hunt the other day for some colorful mosaic tiles that wouldn't break the bank. I jumped for joy when I saw these displays. Look at all these bright, delicious colors. Hello bright yellow, hello French blue and cherry red, where have you cutie little tiles been all my life? Only problem, they can't be used on the floor, oh fudge!
So the search continues...but think of all the gorgeous designs you could do on
the walls with these babies...

Here's a shot of my empty ice cap posing next to the gorgeous green tiles. Yup, I can't go tile shopping without a yummy iced coffee. I think there's a law about that, thou shalt not shoppith for tiles without a tasty ice cappuccino in hand!

Look at these colours! Why oh why can't they work on the floor. I'd have had
such fun working with these beauties:

These  other teeny tiny tiles can be used on the floor. I had fun putting together different color combos, but the colors just aren't as vibrant and happy as the ones above.

images via: todaloos

Doing a little bathroom accessories shopping

Don't you just love shopping? I was walking by a shop when I spotted this cute little bathroom vanity. So of course I just had to pop in and check out what other lovely items they were selling...

So I thought I'd share photos of some of the pretty bathroom goodies I spotted.



Which of these two towel racks do you prefer... this one:

or this one?

And last but not least, I spotted these pretty jars filled with sand and seashells. You can put a little volatile candle in the top. I just thought they were so sweet, well actually, they made me want to book a holiday on some fabulous beach. This little chickie needs a vacation!

images via: todaloos

Tub base Tuesday: Big blue

I'm all for adding extra storage to your bathroom, we've featured tubs with built in shelving before (here's one of them), but never in a square bathtub like this one. The colour combo of this bathroom is a nice change. The little aqua blue tiles go great with the grey slate floor. And I like the pop of brighter blue on the makeup station vanity. But back to the tub base design, do you like how they used the grey slate tiles inside the shelving or would you have tiled the whole thing in the small mosaic tiles instead?
image via: houzz

Tub with a view: Whistling pines

Not my usual tub with a view, there isn't one beach, palm tree or drop of crystal clear blue water in sight! However, this is the way I like to see pine trees, not covered in snow that is! I kid, I do find snow covered trees pretty, it's just, Ooh... I am not looking forward to the bitter cold winter! So the longer we get to see trees without a blank of snow on them the happier I am. When the snowflakes do start falling from the sky, I wouldn't mind being lying in this tub with a big, steaming mug of hot chocolate to watch the show.
image via: unknown

Celebs in tubs: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

What do you think Rosie is saying to herself as she looks in the mirror?
Maybe, "Wow, I am just so incredibly pretty, I just can't get over it!" or
"When is Jason going to come zip up my dress?"

image via: piece of you

Crema marfil tiles, a pretty & simple design for the shower

I was checking out tiles again, and came across these beauties. How I
love a simple crema marfil tile. They are just so beautiful, but what really blew
me away was how they laid them out. It's a simple design, but boy does it
add a lot of Oomph! Check it out bellow...

Don't you find this much nicer then if they had just used one size tiles? Wait to
see how it looks on the wall, that's where the big Oomph factor comes in!

Oooo la la, I find this so pretty. Plus, I doubt it will ever look dated, unlike a lot of
other tile designs you see out there.

Have you seen any designs that you think are really spectacular? Let me know.

images via: todaloos

Tub base Tuesday: Elegant oval tub base design

Ok, no need to double check your calendars, it's Thursday, but it starts with a T so lets just pretend we are on the right day ok? No worries though, next week we'll get back on track with our tub base Tuesday posts. This one was just too pretty to wait.
While reading La Dolce Vita, one of my fav blogs, I couldn't stop Ooooing and Ahhing over a house by Jeffrey Alan Marks. The artwork was so fab and the decor with it's rich jewel tones and gorgeous furnishings left me wanting to go furniture shopping, not that it takes much to get me to want to go furniture shopping, but I digress. Then I saw this simple bathroom photo. Everything is so clean and elegant, it's perfection in it's simplicity. Less is often more, and in this case less is oh so much more. The hints of mint and green and the splash of blue add just the right touch of colour to give this tub area a fresh feel. The large, gorgeous picture window doesn't hurt either. You know how I love under mount tubs and this oval princess is no exception. Besides that stack of magazines all I'd need is a bottle of bubble bath, a tall icy drink and it would be the perfect end to this Tuesday, I mean Thursday night.
I think this photo is a great inspiration and starting point for a pretty bathroom design.
Pop by la Dolce Vita to check out the rest of this fab home, you won't be disappointed,
click here to go there.

image via: la dolce vita

Framed butterflies in the bathroom


It used to be that the only places you'd find mounted and framed butterflies were in great aunts tea rooms, curio cabinets in private libraries or at nature museums. In my case, my grandfather had a collection of framed monarch butterflies in his basement. Opa had the coolest basement, you'd never know what you'd find down there. His collection of butterflies lined the window above his work bench. I used to sit and dust them off while we chatted as he tinkered away. The giant pins holding the butterflies down both amazed me and creeped me out. I like to think that all the butterflies in his collection died of natural causes, not from being pinned and framed!
I love the idea of using framed butterflies (or even better - photos of butterflies) to decorate the bathroom. They are beautiful to look at and each is so unique.
How about having a pretty row of framed butterflies like this?
Not enough butterflies you say?
Don't worry they put more butterfly frames on the rest
of the walls! I like the 2 yellow butterflies frame.