Above the door bathroom storage solutions

It's fun to look at all the pretty bags in this photo. I am in love with Goyard bags at the moment, especially the blue shade of this yummy bag! I don't know if I would want to keep my precious bags and shoes in the bathroom like this. All that humidity must not be good for these beauties. It does look spectacular thought. And oh the amount of storage, heaven for city apartments with little space!
 It would be great to style this shelving with bathroom products. I could see replacing the rows of shoes with pretty bath towels maybe do an ombre effect with the towels. I`d get towels in varying shades of orange and pink and stack descending from light to dark. Then I'd add a section with matching soaps, bath salts, a dish of bath bombs, oils and lotions all in pretty containers , a big glass jar full of my nail polishes,and some reading material....stacks of Vogue, Instyle and Inc magazine and maybe a few saucy hardcover novels. For the higher up shelves I'd use those to store glass vases and crystal candlesticks.
Now if you don`t have room for a big storage unit like this, then here are a few great examples of easy, build in a weekend, over the door shelving projects: 
The wire basket to hold the toilet paper is a great idea. It looks good & it makes it easy to reach the tp without having them come tumbling down on your head.
Case in point:
This makes me think of an old client of mine, their bathroom had a shelf like this. It must have had over 100 roles of toilet paper stacked on it. They definitely shopped at Costco!
Ok, not exactly a bathroom, but I thought the recessed shelving was a great idea to
copy for above the bathroom door.
And this would also work great over the door. The glass window shutters add a nice rustic touch and you wouldn`t have to worry about things falling onto your head if someone slams the door.


K&B by the Sea said...

This is a great storage idea, especially in a small bathroom. Not a fan of the toilet paper shelf, but all the others look great! :-) I like the look of the recessed shelving and the cubbies above the door with shelving on each side.

mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm with you on that. The bathroom I saw with tons of rolls of tp was in an industrial office - at least you never had to worry about running out of paper! It's a bit more of a problem then if you were to run out at home ;)