Tub with a view: Modern grey bathroom with wall to wall windows

At first I felt that this bathroom looked a bit gloomy. I could picture it in a sci fi movie. For some weird reason it makes me think of the movie Event Horizon. Boy, did that film creep me out! It still gives me the shivers when I think about it. Oops, there I go getting side tracked...
Yes, so I found this bathroom to be a bit gloomy, but then when I read that it was located in the Hollywood Hills, I said "Hello, sign my up!" This view must be pretty fantastic usually. If they gave me this bathroom I would probably add some big green leafy plants in pretty pots. I think that could liven up the place a bit.
Do you like this bathroom? Would you leave it as is or
how would you liven it up?
image via: Design shuffle


ALLIE NYC said...

This totally reminds me of a hotel we shot in at my job, the bathroom had wrap windows and an all glass shower. It was on the 35th floor but still so crazy to shower in the buff with all those windows and glass, not sure if I could do that!

Ali of


mikky said...

Hi Ali,

Wow, that sounds cool! Not sure if I would either given all the tech today I'm sure someone would see you showering up there!


Caroline said...

This is so wonderful! I would be so happy to just sit there in the bath and stare at the view... some day, some day!

Positively Home Team said...

Lol @ the sc-fi comment. Idk why but I love it...I like the simplicity of it. But you and Ali are right....it'll be kinda creepy with those floor to ceiling windows.