Tub base Tuesday: Polka dot flashback


I'm a day late with my weekly drop in tub design photo. I've been really swamped with work. However, I was excited to post this funky tub design, I had it saved on my ipad and just stumbled across it again, so I didn't want to wait till next week to share it with you guys. 
These red and white polka dot tiles have such a retro feel, especially combined with the wood edge on the tub. It makes me think this bathroom should belong back in the '60's in some groovy flat in London.
image via: unknown


Positively Home Team said...

I really like the polka dots, it really does have the retro effect that you said, but it's still really cool. (reminds me of a dress I want lol)

mikky said...

Hi Safiya,

LOL, those polka dots would look great on a little summer dress!