Tub base Tuesday: minimalist, modern wood

This tub base has me thinking of when I was little, hanging out at the yacht club when everyone was preparing their boats to be launched for the new sailing season. I'd sit on the cradle of our boat (that's the metal framing the boat sits on when it's stored for the winter on dry land) and watch the crews setting up the docks in the water. The air would always smell of teak oil and fiberglass. To this day I still love those smells. Looking at this tub surround made me think of those docks. This look feels very masculine to me, perfect for a bachelor pad. Thought I wish I could steal that faucet for my next tub, it's the perfect spout shape! I've been looking for one like this.

image via: graham &co


Anonymous said...


I agree it does look masculine. Also reminds me of a Norwegian spa with a sauna.
I can imagine how the wood must feel on your feet.

ALLIE NYC said...

Wow your childhood sounded wonderful. Yes this bathroom is quite the minimalist approach but peaceful.

Ali of


mikky said...

Thanks Ali! Definitely had a fun childhood, my Dad loved sailing so we did a lot of it.
Nice to see you:)

mikky said...

Hi Anonymous,

I've never been to a Norwegian spa but I would imagine it would have this feel too. Love saunas though, nothing more relaxing then that!

Thanks for commenting.