Garden stools in the bathroom a do or a don't?

Stores are starting to receive their stock of garden furniture so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some chic garden stools that can work in the bathroom. I'd really love to get a stool  inlaid with mother of pearl (the one in the 3rd photo is fantastic). I can't decide if I should get a mirror or a stool inlaid with mother of pearl. I guess it will come down to whichever I find first that I love. I think it might be a bit overkill having 2 big accessories with mother of pearl in my master bath. Or is it OK? Decisions, decisions....
Back to the garden stools though, last year I saw tons of these beautiful ceramic styles in every colour of the rainbow, I especially love them used inside showers. (last summer we bought a yellow one for inside the shower in our other bathroom). They add a great punch of colour and design. I also like the look of the woven stool above, it gives a nice relaxing feel to the otherwise formal looking bathroom. Plus, if it's made to stand up to the beating of being outside you know that it will do just fine coping with the humidity in the bathroom. The only style I'm not sure about are the plastic woven basket weave stools. I think these might look too much like the belong in the backyard. I will be looking into these and will report back if I find any good ones (and if you spot some please let me know too!)

Here's that oh so beautiful mother of pearl stool I mentioned...ahhh so pretty. I hope I can find one like this.

These gold stools are pretty spectacular too! I like that they went with 2 different patterns on the stools, makes it even that much more interesting. And check out the amazing tile design on the wall. This bathroom reminds me of a steam room or bath house. I wouldn't mind slipping into that fluffy monogrammed robe after a nice long steam.

So, garden stools in the bathroom...
It's most definitely a do for me. How about for you?

images via: house and homeelle decor, new england home maglonny, bhg


Celebrity Owned said...

Dream bathrooms! Love the post :)


mikky said...

Thanks Julie! Your site name is great and it's got me so curious so I'm going to stop by to check it out!


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Some of these feel like a hotel. Beautiful pictures.