Frosted shower doors: functional and pretty

Isn't that first bathroom beautiful? I think the frosted shower and toilet closet doors really adds to the look. The long modern door handles are just stunning. This one's my favorite. Normally, I'm a girl who goes for the clear glass shower look. I think it really helps to open up the bathroom and make it feel larger. That said, I am a fan of frosted glass in hotel bathrooms. Especially when sharing a hotel room with friends, popping in and out to get ready in the morning, the privacy the frosted glass provides is priceless!
Lately, I have been seeing more and more designs incorporating frosted glass walls and tinted shower doors in residential bathrooms, so we may just be seeing a comeback. I think it's a good idea for family bathrooms, especially with teenagers in the house. Take a look at these bathrooms and let me know what you think. 

btw, that wood panelling behind the vanity is actually wallpaper! It's called Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek from Rockett St George. It is so realistic, I never would have guessed if it wasn't mentioned.

I like the frosting style done on this next shower door.
They gradually reduced the frosting and left the top section unfrosted. The door in the first bathroom is similar, but you'd need to be very tall to see out that one. If I had a frosted shower door I'd do this, that way if suddenly you hear a thunk outside you can peak out the door. Very useful for when you take a shower late at night after watching Dexter and the little imagination goes into overdrive!

To frost or not to frost? That is the question.
Pop by tomorrow, we'll look at a few more partially frosted glass showers.

images via: unknown, house to home, remodelista, william hefner x2, katchid, unknown

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