DIY wood table vanity: going from nice to WOW chic!

A while back I did a post on using simple wood tables for vanities, here. Then I saw this Ikea diy and freaked!
 I think this would make an absolutely fabulous bathroom vanity.

 Now to turn it into a vanity....

    - you could leave it as is, but seal that countertop against all the water splashes.
    - add a glass top (I checked the glass tops at Ikea, none fit this table. No worries, just go to your local glass shop and have them cut a piece to fit. Plus, you can have them drill the drain & faucet holes, so you don't have to worry about cracking the glass.
   - add a mirror top - you can have alot of fun with this, antiqued, different colours, bevelled edges, so many options! Again, best to have this cut by a glass store, who wants 7 yrs bad luck?
   - tile the countertop with a pretty, small mosaic tile - look at the ones suggested for backsplashes. Make sure to get one that all the tiles are the same height. For example,  patterns with mixed stone and glass tile  might be different thicknesses. This looks great on a wall, but on your countertop all your perfume bottles will be tilted like they are on the deck of the Titanic.
   - have a Carerra marble top made - this is one of the least expensive stones so it won't cost too much and it will look fabulous.


    For the faucet, you can either go with a counter or wall mounted faucet. Wall mounted has the advantage that you have one less hole to drill if you are diying it. However, if you've got a wide countertop like this Ikea table you'll want to make sure that the spout is long enough to reach the center of the sink when you position it on the table top. If you have a compact bathroom, wallmount is great, while if you have alot of counterspace, going with a countertop model is prob the better choice to use up some of that space.

    Here's a few sinks I think could be nice:

See this next combo?
It's a perfect example of what could be done.
You could either tile the top of the table like this backsplash which you could easily do yourself and cutting the holes for the drain and faucet would be easy and worry free. Or you could have a pretty Carerra marble top like this one made. 
Ok, here's my crude mock up:Et voila you've got yourself one chic, custom designed, inexpensive vanity.  
  If you find the table to wide for a bathroom vanity, then it's easy to just apply this technique to a narrower table.
Please go here to read the step by step DIY instructions:
And if you want to check out the post on tables as bathroom vanities here's that post:
images via: matsutake, overstock


Positively Home Team said...

I'm definitely not a DIY person lol but this seems pretty simple! I'm thinking of doing just the 1st part to modernize my office desk at home. Thanks for sharing!

Safiya Jamila

mikky said...

Hi Safiya,

Cool! Let me know how it turns out.


ALLIE NYC said...

This is AWESOME!!!! What a great idea!

Ali of