Checkered bathroom walls

We've seen many bathrooms with checkered floors before, including this little one last week; here, but I think this is the first time where the checkers are on the walls.
It's surprisingly fresh.
Don't you find that this blue and white checkerboard wall give this bathroom a bit of a French flare? Makes you want to eat a croissant? Maybe it's just me.

And look at the lovely legs on this washstand:
The vanity in the very last photo has similarly sexy legs too.

Since we're looking at checkered designs, then we can't leave out their close cousin the diamond pattern!

Which pattern do you prefer:
The standard checker board design or the diamond layout?

images via: john stefanidis x 2, houzz, costa dorocootattooo


Positively Home Team said...

I love the 3rd image because of the windows especially! I like how each window is on a different level. Then the checkered pattern on the wall is super cool. I like the bamboo look the designer used.

Safiya Jamila

mikky said...

Hi Safiya,

I agree, and the colour pattern is soooo relaxing too!

Hope you're having a good start to the week!