Hitler's bathroom

I stumbled upon this photo by pure accident. I was looking for the reference to a photo of Helena Bonham Carter and I saw this photo of this woman in a bathtub and wondered who she was. I though maybe she was a celebrity of days gone by so I looked into it. And what an unusual story I found. I hesitated about doing a post on Hitler. I actually wrote this post  back in September and have left it in draft mode and was thinking again about just deleting it. At the time I wrote it I I had found the story interesting so I figured others might find it interesting too. Looking at it again, I still think it's a painful, unusual story, a horrible moment in history that I hope will never be repeated.

So here goes...
The bathroom you see above was the bathroom of Adolf Hitler. The girl sitting in the tub was working for Vogue. The day this photo was taken was a day or two after Hitler committed suicide. Interesting no? That's my coles notes version.

Here's the more detailed version of the story behind these photos (it's so well written, I didn't think it would do any good putting it into my own words): 
Lee Miller, covering WWII for Vogue teamed up with the American photographer David E. Scherman, a Life magazine correspondent. The above photograph by Scherman of Miller in the bathtub of Adolf Hitler’s house in Munich.

The night after Miller visited Dachau, on April 30, 1945–earlier that day Hitler committed suicide in Berlin–Miller and Scherman entered Munich with the American 45th Division that was liberating the city. They happened upon a dilapidated and normal-looking apartment building on Prinzenregentplatz 27, and realized, upon entering, that it was Hitler’s Munich apartment. They billeted there for three days. Miller wrote to her Vogue editor Audrey Winters:

“I was living in Hitler’s private apartment when his death was announced, midnight of Mayday. . . Well, alright, he was dead. He’d been an evil-machine-monster all these years, until I visited the places he made famous, talked to people who knew him, dug into backstairs gossip and ate and slept in his house. He became less fabulous and therefore more terrible, along with a little evidence of his having some almost human habits; like an ape who embarrasses and humbles you with his gestures, mirroring yourself in caricature.”

When the photo came out, it was considered an extremely poor judgement. For some, Miller posing nude in the tub of one of the most repulsive men in history was nothing more than a ill-timed reflection of the adage, “To the victor goes the spoils”. For others, it represents the power of life over death, “The living do what they can and the dead suffer what they must”. Lee Miller herself shied away from the controversies but reprouding the image very rarely and noted that she was merely trying to wash the odors of Dachau away.
This is what the The New York Times had to say about this photo: “A picture of the F├╝hrer balances on the lip of the tub; a classical statue of a woman sits opposite it on a dressing table; Lee, in the tub, inscrutable as ever, scrubs her shoulder. A woman caught between horror and beauty, between being seen and being the seer.”

Digging a bit more I found another interesting, but sad detail of this photo re 
the boots in the photos:

  The boots on the bath mat, says V&A curator Mark Haworth-Booth, 'had walked through the horror of the Dachau death camp earlier the same day.' 

Sad, sad. I would not want to and could not sit in that tub.

I wonder if they placed the framed photograph of Hitler on the bathtub to create more of a sensational photo or if Adolf Hitler actual had a photo of himself on his bathtub? Only Miller and Scherman will ever know.

I don't know how she was able to sit in that tub or live in his apartment. Just the thought of it makes my stomach turn and looking at those boots makes me want to cry.

Please visit "Tweedland" the gentleman's club blog to continue to read about the fascinating life of Lee Miller. Jeeves, really did an outstanding job writing this very detailed post: here
Another post of his I enjoyed was the story of the origin of the bowler hat. You can check it out: The Bowler hat
image and txt via: "tweedland" the gentleman's clubguardian

Tub base Tuesday: Matching wood tub surround to wood panel flooring


Like? I'm not sure.
This wood is gorgeous, I think it might be ipe. It does look nice and clean and bright. However, this is a bit too much wood for my taste. Plus, I'm not a big fan of wood flooring in the bathroom. Always having to make sure you've wiped up every drop of water, I prefer something more low maintenance.  This floor would look fabulous in the rest of the house though.
image via: unknown

Pets in tubs: Who's the cutest Cats vs Dogs

Who's cuter? Cats or dogs in tubs?

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Tub with a view: A dream glass ceiling

Since this week we looked at some frosted showers, I figured that this was the perfect tub with a view to post. What is not to drool over about this bathroom?
I absolutely love the look of the shower area. Yeah, that glass ceiling is spectacular and I bet the view from the tub is equally divine and if I owned this shower I don't think I would even mind if people jumped up and down outside to see over the frosted glass into the shower, I would be that happy. Hey, they'd probably catch me dancing around in the shower I'd be so over the moon to own a place like this. What I love most about this design is the white section of the shower surrounded by the stone. Such a simply stunning design.

image via: arch daily

Partially frosted glass showers

I am starting to really warm to the look of partially frosted showers. I haven't ventured into etched palm trees, hibiscus flowers or wave designs yet. Not so sure about those, maybe for a vacation home? Now if I had a little house on an island, that might work. Meanwhile, till I can afford that, I've pulled together a little collection of frosted shower styles that I think are rather chic looking. A few have just the right amount of coverage to leave just enough to the imagination and provide a bit of privacy. 

Which do you prefer - completely frosted or partially frosted glass?

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Frosted shower doors: functional and pretty

Isn't that first bathroom beautiful? I think the frosted shower and toilet closet doors really adds to the look. The long modern door handles are just stunning. This one's my favorite. Normally, I'm a girl who goes for the clear glass shower look. I think it really helps to open up the bathroom and make it feel larger. That said, I am a fan of frosted glass in hotel bathrooms. Especially when sharing a hotel room with friends, popping in and out to get ready in the morning, the privacy the frosted glass provides is priceless!
Lately, I have been seeing more and more designs incorporating frosted glass walls and tinted shower doors in residential bathrooms, so we may just be seeing a comeback. I think it's a good idea for family bathrooms, especially with teenagers in the house. Take a look at these bathrooms and let me know what you think. 

btw, that wood panelling behind the vanity is actually wallpaper! It's called Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek from Rockett St George. It is so realistic, I never would have guessed if it wasn't mentioned.

I like the frosting style done on this next shower door.
They gradually reduced the frosting and left the top section unfrosted. The door in the first bathroom is similar, but you'd need to be very tall to see out that one. If I had a frosted shower door I'd do this, that way if suddenly you hear a thunk outside you can peak out the door. Very useful for when you take a shower late at night after watching Dexter and the little imagination goes into overdrive!

To frost or not to frost? That is the question.
Pop by tomorrow, we'll look at a few more partially frosted glass showers.

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Tub base Tuesday: Polka dot flashback


I'm a day late with my weekly drop in tub design photo. I've been really swamped with work. However, I was excited to post this funky tub design, I had it saved on my ipad and just stumbled across it again, so I didn't want to wait till next week to share it with you guys. 
These red and white polka dot tiles have such a retro feel, especially combined with the wood edge on the tub. It makes me think this bathroom should belong back in the '60's in some groovy flat in London.
image via: unknown

Tub with a view: Modern grey bathroom with wall to wall windows

At first I felt that this bathroom looked a bit gloomy. I could picture it in a sci fi movie. For some weird reason it makes me think of the movie Event Horizon. Boy, did that film creep me out! It still gives me the shivers when I think about it. Oops, there I go getting side tracked...
Yes, so I found this bathroom to be a bit gloomy, but then when I read that it was located in the Hollywood Hills, I said "Hello, sign my up!" This view must be pretty fantastic usually. If they gave me this bathroom I would probably add some big green leafy plants in pretty pots. I think that could liven up the place a bit.
Do you like this bathroom? Would you leave it as is or
how would you liven it up?
image via: Design shuffle

Podium bathtub fantasy

This showroom bathroom left me spellbound. It made me think of the pyramids, women dressed in colourful silks dancing around the room, palm leaves blowing in the night air, the sky a blanket of stars, dozens of candles flickering against the stone walls, plates of dates, grapes and gummy bears dressed as pharaohs (ok, no gummy bears) and instead of the parking lot miles and miles of desert. I was enchanted. My husband thought it was just ok.
How he did not picture either of these scenes outside the window I do not know. ;)
Let's take a closer look at this captivating bathroom design...


I love how the sink faucet handles have been placed at the front edge of the vanity. This is one of my favorite design details. 

Take a closer look at the magnificent serpent design on this sink. It is a work of art. 

Hope you found this bathroom design as enchanting as I do.


Vessel sink: by Kohler Serpentine Bronze™ design on Conical Bell® Vessels lavatory
Sink faucet: by Aquabrass: Martini widespread lavatory faucet
Cast iron undermount tub: by Kohler: Parity® 66" x 33" under-mount bath with Safeguard® finish and Comfort Depth® design. I think it's this tub, the only difference is that they changed the look of the slotted overflow
Deckmount tub filler with handshower: by Aquabrass style: Martini 

images via: todaloos, the blue fish, peopletodaloos x 6

All white drop in tub surround fit for a spa

Cloud 9?
If there were spas on clouds, I think they would look something like this. Lying in that tub with
the jets on full blast I would fall asleep in seconds, ahhh, heaven.

image via: lucinda symons

Checkered bathroom walls

We've seen many bathrooms with checkered floors before, including this little one last week; here, but I think this is the first time where the checkers are on the walls.
It's surprisingly fresh.
Don't you find that this blue and white checkerboard wall give this bathroom a bit of a French flare? Makes you want to eat a croissant? Maybe it's just me.

And look at the lovely legs on this washstand:
The vanity in the very last photo has similarly sexy legs too.

Since we're looking at checkered designs, then we can't leave out their close cousin the diamond pattern!

Which pattern do you prefer:
The standard checker board design or the diamond layout?

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Bath time for a lioness

1. Remain calm
2. No sudden moves
3. Start wearing underwear in bathtub
What would you caption this photo?
image via: our youth

RIP Roger Ebert

Saw this cartoon and thought that it was so sweet, I had to share.
Goodbye Roger Ebert. We'll miss you.
I'll be eating a big bag of popcorn in your honor next time I go to the movies.

Tub with a view: Dreaming of Greece

The combination of this white tiled tub and that view has me thinking of the blue and white decor typical of Greece.
I'm not sure where this tub is located, but my money is on some relaxing hotel in Greece. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be whisked off to the islands' spectacular sandy white beaches and have this view from our tubs?
A girl can dream can't she?

Wish I was spending my day like she is!

A peek inside Fashion Illustrator, Megan Hess' fab bathroom

If you are a girly girl, then you will probably be very jealous of Megan Hess' job. I am! She's got one of those dream jobs that you think only exists in chick lit novels, not in the real world.
Imagine working for companies like Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Tiffany, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Chanel, Fendi, Dior, Guerlain, Rolex, Bvlgari, Henri Bendel and the list goes on... Plus she gets to do it all from the luxury of her home office!
Here's a sample of her work: 

Gorgeous no?
Wait till you see her glam bathroom.  
Megan has one of my dream faucets. Yes, some may dream about the perfect pair of shoes or bag, ok, me too, but I also dream about this stunning swan faucet. Usually, I love modern faucets, but there is something so magical about swan faucets that I just Oooo and ahhh over them every time I see one. 
I love the elegant faucet handles Megan chose. Often, the handles are in the shape of swan heads, I think the gold swan faucets at the Ritz are like this (I have a photo of them somewhere), I'm not too crazy about that look. I much prefer it when the swan spout is paired with a simple handle. Let that beautiful bird have center stage I say, she doesn't need any back up singers!  
And here's a pretty idea: use a multi-tiered dessert tray to display your perfume bottles. It keeps everything organized, saves on counter space and adds a pretty design detail.

Notice how she went with a sleek faucet for the tub instead of the matching swan tub faucet? Good move Megan. No need for overkill!
"Powder Room" by Megan Hess
You can see the rest of Megan Hess' beautiful home in adore magazine. Click here to check it out. You won't be disappointed! (Her home tour starts on page 104 and for a glimpse inside her jealousy inducing closet begin drooling at page 39.)
To visit Megan's site click here.(btw, use Google Chrome to open it. I first tried with Internet Explorer and all you get is a blank white page.)
And if you want to buy her artwork, some are very reasonably priced, you can buy them here.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

images via: adore, hachettethe interiors addict, lux link, lamington drive, pearl creative, the style insider