Supersized modern shower nooks


A few days ago we took a close up look at some shower nook styles. Today,
I thought we'd step back and look at a few showers with contemporary, fresh and
modern shower nook shapes.
I am really loving the look of these over sized shower nooks. They provide plenty of
space and tons of personality to add a dramatic WOW factor to these glass showers. As I mentioned in
the previous post, nooks are really becoming a wonderful style element in bathroom designs.

Isn't this next shower nook pretty spectacular?
It looks like a big, but chic, bookshelf in your shower. I really love this one. I think I would buy dozens of pretty bottles of shampoos and line them up by color on each level, like the trend of organizing your books by colour.
For some reason this next photo refuses to be centered. I've tried a few times, but it just doesn't want to budge, so sorry for the mishmash looking layout!
This next one is a first for me. I've never seen a shower nook where the controls for the shower were put inside the nook. Very original.
I also like how they lined the inside of the shower with such gorgeous veined marble. This is a great idea budget wise - tile your shower in inexpensive subway tiles then buy some dramatic marble (you could even buy marble tiles instead of having it custom cut) and put them inside the nook et voila people will think you spent a fortune on your shower! Save some bucks and still look smashing, what could be better then that?!
If you'd like to check out the previous post on shower nooks please click the link bellow:
images via: unknown x2, bruce bierman design, decorpad, gblog


ALLIE NYC said...

OMG those showers are just mind blowing. I LOVE them all. I can not believe that first image is a shower! It is almost as big as my whole bathroom : o

Ali of

mikky said...

Hi Ali!

Mine too! I think if I had that first shower I'd always be lying on that bench with the rain shower on full blast!