Decorating with Bathroom signs

After shopping for glasses last weekend we ate at a really cute little resto that had the funniest bathroom signs. I wasn't on my game cause I didn't take photos of them. I like to think subconsciously I planned it so we are forced to go back so I can try the mixed berry french toast! I can't stop thinking about brunch food.

I can imagine decorating with tons of diff bathroom signs being popular with people who love to collect stuff and are avid flea market hunters. I'm surprised my grandparents didn't do this because they were big collectors. It would be fun to see a bathroom with bathroom signs in all different languages. The 'le bain' signs are always popular in shabby chic bathrooms.

Are you for decorating with bathroom signs in your bathroom?
images: oops, can't remember where I've saved these from, I did a bad job of labelling them!

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