Celebs in Tubs: Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world and that's why we hate her....hahaha, just joking. She is gorgeous and is also a great actress. I've seen a few of her films and when I was watching them you forget how stunning she is and instead get caught up in the character she is playing, a true sign of a good actor.
Monica Bellucci in the tub - Vanity Fair Spain, February 2013, photographed by Norman Jean Roy,
Some fun facts about Monica Bellucci:
- In university she majored in law
- She speaks 4 or 5 languages: Italian, French, English and some Persian and/or Spanish (some sites say that she speaks Spanish others say she speaks a bit of Persian, so lets just say she speaks 5 languages)
-  Wears a size 10 shoe & is 5'10" tall
-  To avoiding routine Monica and her husband live in separate
apartments in the same home in Belleville, Paris.
btw, aren't these floor tiles stunning?
image via: magxone
interesting facts via: monica bellucci fan, wikipedia


Beautifulosophy said...

Such a great blog, especially since I take a bath for an hour every night! Shall we follow eachother via GFC? xo Caroline

miss b said...

Some really interesting facts about this beautiful lady and I agree - those tiles are stunning. Thank you for your lovely comments on my London posts - I'm sure you would have a wonderful time there.

mikky said...

Hi Caroline,

Thanks so much!
What is GFC?


mikky said...

Hi miss b,

I'm still thinking about your London photos! I really want to go to that cookie shop!


Susannah said...

What a gorgeous picture! She's lovely!

mikky said...

Hi Susannah,

Thanks for the visit!


Jessica said...

She is very beautiful. I think it is very interesting that her and her husband live in different apartments in the same home.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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ALLIE NYC said...

Holy moly this cover and editorial is A-Mazing.

Ali of


Triple Crème Decadence said...

Thank you for sharing! The floors are lovely. I didn't know she was so majored in law!

mikky said...

Hi Tracy & Triple Crème Decadence,

I'm glad you found the tidbits interesting, I always get a kick out of finding out those details about celebs too.


mikky said...

Hi Ali,

It is really glam, I can only imagine how spectacular the rest of the place where they shot must be. It would be heaven having a bathroom like this!
Nice to see ya!