Tub with a view: Easter weekend edition

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter holiday!
 The photo above is of a card I snapped when I was out buying Easter cards. Isn't he such a sweet looking rabbit? I think this is the first year we are not with our nieces and nephews to do the Easter egg hunt and I am getting chocolate withdrawal symptoms! It's always fun to watch them get excited searching for the little chocolate Easter eggs.
So for this weekend's tub with a view we've got an egg-ish shaped tub looking out on the perfect sunny day. I can't wait for weather like this.
Do check out last year's Easter post - it's a photo of the cutest Easter bunny lying in a bathtub: here.
And I tried my hand at writting a little Easter story in this post:
image via: unknown

Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Luxurious eclectic

This bathroom leaves me spellbound.

Can't you just picture a lady dashing in wearing a long silk robe billowing behind her as she goes to retrieve her Chanel rouge lipstick?

I'm not sure if it's a set or if it is an actual, function bathroom. I really like the eclectic design and how each individual piece is so unique and striking on their own but still serves a purpose. The variety in the sizes and materials of the furniture really adds to the drama of this bathroom. From the oversized, massiveness of the stone fountain sink to the delicate metal legs on the vanity table to the smooth lines of the modern stool there is so much for your eyes to take in. I also love the little design details on this soaker tub, it makes me think of a piece of fine china.Take a moment to look at all the different style periods in this bathroom. There's everything from Roman to Mid-Century Modern. It kinda makes you think how plain the bathrooms most of us have are.

Does this bathroom inspire you to add a little twist or something unexpected to your bathroom decor?  
image via: zsazsa bellagio

Celebs in Tubs: Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world and that's why we hate her....hahaha, just joking. She is gorgeous and is also a great actress. I've seen a few of her films and when I was watching them you forget how stunning she is and instead get caught up in the character she is playing, a true sign of a good actor.
Monica Bellucci in the tub - Vanity Fair Spain, February 2013, photographed by Norman Jean Roy,
Some fun facts about Monica Bellucci:
- In university she majored in law
- She speaks 4 or 5 languages: Italian, French, English and some Persian and/or Spanish (some sites say that she speaks Spanish others say she speaks a bit of Persian, so lets just say she speaks 5 languages)
-  Wears a size 10 shoe & is 5'10" tall
-  To avoiding routine Monica and her husband live in separate
apartments in the same home in Belleville, Paris.
btw, aren't these floor tiles stunning?
image via: magxone
interesting facts via: monica bellucci fan, wikipedia

Tiny black and white bathroom makeover

White bathrooms are pretty hard to beat when it comes to being able to quickly give them a fresh new look. Throw in a checkered black and white floor and you've got a timeless design that will never go out of style.
Check out these photos of the same small black and white bathroom accessorized 3 different ways.
Which do you like best?
1) Spring time Green

2) Classic B&W

3) Fun with Fushia & Blue


This little black and white bathroom got a mini-makeover and all it took was switching out the shower curtain, bathmat and throwing in some matching accessories. I love how the 'personality' of this bathroom changed in each photo.
So which look do you like best?
I can't decide!

images via: sorry, I did a poor job of saving these. If anyone knows the original source please let me know. Thanks!

Tub base Tuesday: Diamond mirrored tub surround


We've looked at a few mirrored tub bases before and they are always really popular. I think this design could be an easy, straight forward DIY to give a retro glam Hollywood look to a bathroom. It's also a pretty inexpensive design to recreate.
Like the idea of a mirrored tub base, but want something more elegant?
Then you'll want to check out this one (personally, I love it): 
And here's an even simpler mirrored tub base design you could absolutely DIY:
image via: unknown

Bamboo tiles and fake wood floor porcelaine tiled bathroom

After meeting up with clients yesterday I popped into a shop that had this really nice, simple bathroom. I think this bathroom would also look great in a home, so I took some photos to share with you guys.
The walls are covered in fake bamboo tiles and the floors are done with faux wood floor tiles. I've seen these bamboo tiles a million times and wasn't sure if they would look too fake, but I have to tell you, they looked great in this bathroom. The bamboo tiles went surprisingly well with the fake wood floor tiles.
It's funny, any time I see these glass topped vanities with the built in sinks I groan. I just can't help but think that you've just given yourself double the cleaning to do because you'll have to dust underneath the sinks too. So I always think why would people buy these? They are just giving themselves more work! However, I have to say I was wrong again because this vanity looked perfect in this bathroom. The combination of the glass top, casting an aqua tint on the panel bellow made me think of waves and water, then add in the bamboo tiles and wood floors and suddenly you are thinking of some tropical resort. All they needed was to add in a tropical air freshener et voila I'd have been looking for my bikini. Very relaxing. Plus the glass counter top makes the bathroom feel larger and brighter. A vanity with a quartz countertop would also look nice, but it probably wouldn't feel so open and airy. 

Here's a close up of the wall tiles:

And here's an even closer close up:

And a snap of the floor tiles, with a shadow of my iphone:

And take 2, I was almost able to not have a shadow of my cell!

Trying to give you the 360 view of the bathroom...
The only decoration was this vase with wood reeds in it. Nice and simple.This
bathroom really didn't need any more decor.

Loved these little wall sconces.

If they only knew I was snapping all these pics of their bathroom! They must have thought yeeash that girl sure takes a long time in the bathroom!
Anyways, let me know if this bathroom inspires you for your bathroom renovation.Ok, I've said the word bathroom 4 times, now 5, in 3 sentences, time for me to go! Hope you are having a nice day!
tried to look up the source info.
Was only able to find for the bamboo wall tiles it is:
Marazzi - sabana beige 13x24 tiles.

images via: me - www.todaloos.com

Tub with a view: Tub for a Titan of Industry


Boy did this past weekend fly by! We spent it rushing around doing errands. It was so tempting to buy all sorts of Easter candies and chocolates to gobble up. I resisted though and only munched on a few dark chocolates and some coconut macaroons. Now it's the start of the work week and this tub with a view makes me think of Wall Street. How grand would it be to soak in this impressive marble tub, reading the paper and planning what company you are going to buy that week?

image via: ad

Decorating with Bathroom signs

After shopping for glasses last weekend we ate at a really cute little resto that had the funniest bathroom signs. I wasn't on my game cause I didn't take photos of them. I like to think subconsciously I planned it so we are forced to go back so I can try the mixed berry french toast! Mmmmm...now I can't stop thinking about brunch food.

I can imagine decorating with tons of diff bathroom signs being popular with people who love to collect stuff and are avid flea market hunters. I'm surprised my grandparents didn't do this because they were big collectors. It would be fun to see a bathroom with bathroom signs in all different languages. The 'le bain' signs are always popular in shabby chic bathrooms.

Are you for decorating with bathroom signs in your bathroom?
images: oops, can't remember where I've saved these from, I did a bad job of labelling them!

Celebs in Tubs: Linda Evangelista

Some fun facts about Linda Evangelista:
- She has a son with and is ex girlfriend of Salma Hayek's billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault
- Is one of the original supermodels in the late '80s and '90s along with Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford
- She appeared in a few of George Michael's music videos
- Her career went into over drive when she cut her hair super short and died it platinum
- Who hasn't heard Linda Evangelista's famous quote "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day", which she now hates hearing. I like this quote she said about maintaining her figure:"I don't diet. I just don't eat as much as I'd like to."
image via: vogue

Tub base Tuesday: Chic built in tub shelving


This is definitely my style bathroom. It's both modern and chic. I like the clean lines, the creamy white and the sleek faucets - love, love the simple shower handle with the hidden hose. The built in towel storage inside the tub is very pretty and I think even I could maintain that folded towel look!
image via: elle decor

Lovely glass tiles in the bathroom

At first I wasn't sure if I liked glass tiles. I couldn't decide if they would stay in fashion long enough to commit to decorating with them. I am still on the fence when it comes to some of the mixed glass, porcelain and marble tile combos. Some look great, others I think will look very dated in a few years. However, I do really like the look of all glass tiles with white grout lines. It can look both elegant and chic or fresh, bright and lively.


Tub with a view: Rock or wood?

Same tub, same view, but which would you rather - this chic modern tub
surrounded by white rocks or by wooden slates?

images via: design awards, hansgrohe

Celebs in tubs: Megan Mullally & Sean Hayes


Has it really been almost 8 years since Will & Grace ended? I loved the evil duo of Karen Walker and Jack McFarland. It would be great to see them pop up on a sitcom now. The chemistry between Karen & Jack was magic.

So do you think Megan Mullally has the same taste in bathrooms as her character Karen Walker? You can check out Megan's bathroom here to find out:

Supersized modern shower nooks


A few days ago we took a close up look at some shower nook styles. Today,
I thought we'd step back and look at a few showers with contemporary, fresh and
modern shower nook shapes.
I am really loving the look of these over sized shower nooks. They provide plenty of
space and tons of personality to add a dramatic WOW factor to these glass showers. As I mentioned in
the previous post, nooks are really becoming a wonderful style element in bathroom designs.

Isn't this next shower nook pretty spectacular?
It looks like a big, but chic, bookshelf in your shower. I really love this one. I think I would buy dozens of pretty bottles of shampoos and line them up by color on each level, like the trend of organizing your books by colour.
For some reason this next photo refuses to be centered. I've tried a few times, but it just doesn't want to budge, so sorry for the mishmash looking layout!
This next one is a first for me. I've never seen a shower nook where the controls for the shower were put inside the nook. Very original.
I also like how they lined the inside of the shower with such gorgeous veined marble. This is a great idea budget wise - tile your shower in inexpensive subway tiles then buy some dramatic marble (you could even buy marble tiles instead of having it custom cut) and put them inside the nook et voila people will think you spent a fortune on your shower! Save some bucks and still look smashing, what could be better then that?!
If you'd like to check out the previous post on shower nooks please click the link bellow:
images via: unknown x2, bruce bierman design, decorpad, gblog

Tub base Tuesday: Creamy ornate tile designs


This tub design is for all those who love ornate tiles. There are quiet a few
different tile patterns going on here, but I think it works. What do you think?
Like it or leave it?

image via: unknown

Cats love sinks

Got the Monday morning blues?
Hopefully these cute photos of cats in sinks will cheer you up. This first little one looks like she's been caught red handed sneaking a drink of water from the faucet.

Still don't feel like doing any work?
Then check out these other posts of cats in sinks!:

images via: kittens pet

Tub with a view: Taste of the tropics

Since a bunch of us had snow this week, I figured it was time to head out to the tropics! So kick off those winter booties and enjoy the view!

image via: luxury 'n glamour

Bathroom decor: Funny 40 is the new 20 sticker decal

I might need to get this 40 is the new 20 decal for one of my friends when she turns 40, she is always saying stuff like this. I like the idea of sticking it on the mirror as motivation, plus this sticker is actually rather stylish looking, so why not?!

You can get it here.

images via: epla

10 more shower nook styles

Lately, I have been seeing more and more nooks in showers. Not only are they becoming very popular, but they are really becoming a design element in bathroom renovations, not just a convenient place to store your shampoo bottles and soaps! I've pulled together a few photos of some great shower nooks.
I particularly like this next one. Don't you love how they added a fabulous patterned tile to the interior of the shower nook and left the rest of the shower minimal? Stunning. And the one after that where they used coloured lighting to light up the inside of the shower nooks with a lavender tint is equally fabulous! I'm curious to see which ones are your favorites.



If you are thinking about added a shower nook, please check out this post:
 In it I cover 7 things to keep in mind when selecting your shower nook (it also
has different shower nook styles too).
Later this week we'll look at some showers with other great nook styles, so
do come back to visit!

images via: decorpad, desire to inspire, new home design, blue slide art tile,  indulgyhouzz x 2, http://www.blueslidearttile.com/, skonahem