Unique and unusual bathroom vanities

With a little imagination and a bit of ingenuity you can come up with a show stopping bathroom vanity that won't cost a pretty penny. Last week we looked at bathroom vanities made out of simple wood tables (here) and in another post we looked at bathroom vanities made out of wine and whiskey barrels (here), so this week I thought it would be fun to look at some even more unique items people have made vanities out of.
What's amazing to note about this first bathroom is that the toilet is actually very expensive, it's the Kohler Purist Hatbox and costs over $5,000! So the owners didn't need to go with an inexpensive vanity, but they still decided to turn a simple cart into a vanity, interesting...
Sew... let's take a look at some other creative vanity diys...
Why not use a sewing machine base as a bathroom vanity?
This vanity makes me think of my parents because their kitchen table base is a
black Singer sewing machine base. When I was a kid, I liked to put my feet on the wheel and try to make it move but, my parents thought ahead and tied it down so my mischievous little feet wouldn't make noise.
Ok, this next photo doesn't have the best resolution. I know it's a major faux-pas to post a blurry photo like this, but how often do you come across a lucky pineapple bathroom vanity?! I just had to share. I couldn't keep this baby hidden! I'm sure people will take sides, some will say - how tacky is this pineapple vanity? Others will say man, that pineapple vanity is quirky and fun. I think it is cute for a vacation home powder room. I could picture Lily Pulitzer having one of these. I like how they paired the pineapple with the over sized vessel sink in mother of pearl - much prettier then if they had went with a solid white bowl sink I think.

Found an interesting stone or piece of wood? You could turn it into a vanity like this:

I bet you guys have already seen this one, but I couldn't not include it...the bike vanity. 
For fun I might have kept the handle bars on the bike or attached them to the wooden counter. On the handle bars I'd have added one of those bicycle rear-view mirrors, but changed the mirror to a magnifying mirror. For kicks I might add a bell or little horn if this were a family bathroom. You could honk the horn for your mate to get out of the shower or for the kids to ring the bell when they are finished brushing their teeth. Granted, it would probably get really annoying - especially in the morning ugh! While I'm at it, to add some storage space I'd put one of those bike pouches (the old wicker ones with leather details) hanging on the back wheel to store all the toiletries. Was trying to come up with a reason to add a long orange neon flag off the end, but I was starting to go over board!


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