Wine barrel sink vanities: Turning wine into water

Wine or Whiskey, these barrels make original vanities. It's just a matter of choosing a
design for your vanity.

You could use the whole whiskey barrel as in the photo above 
(btw, why not do subway tiles for the floor in a chevron pattern like above.)


Chop the barrel in half and add some cute little legs...(k, I sound a bit violent there, like 
I'm taking an ax to the poor innocent wine barrel, sorry little guy!)

Suspended from the wall...

Ok, technically this is a table, but image, you could slap on one or two sinks et voila you've got whiskey barrel vanities with tons of counter space. Maybe you could even sneak in some storage inside the barrels and leave the plumbing exposed.

These 2 are both coffee tables, but let's let our imaginations run wild! To turn them into vanities of course you'd need to make the base a bit higher. Instead of wood I think I'd go with some ornate rod iron legs for example. could also use old carriage wheels... 

You could use the other half  of this barrel to make some whiskey barrel 
shelving (maybe that's a bit much).

And what style sink?

This is getting a bit long (and there are tons more photos) so please 
click the "Click to see more" to check out the rest. 

Adding a copper sink completes that nice rustic look...

A red sink is fun - makes you image you are seeing the red wine inside the barrel...

And a glass vessel sink gives a cute nod to wine glasses...

The possibilities are endless! 

Also, if you look thru the photos at the faucet choices, you'll notice that 
there's everything from brushed nickel sink faucets to modern faucets, to copper and even 
outdoor plumbing style looks great. 

I like the extra counter space on these 2 barrel sink designs:

And nothing is stopping you from painting that whiskey barrel sink another this one:

Here's some examples of how one of these barrel sinks can be incorporated in a 
bathroom design. 

This is the bathroom from a luxury ranch in Austin Texas:  

"Hammered copper sink in a reconditioned whiskey barrel with oil rubbed bronze fixtures"
Doesn't that sound nice?

Here's another example: 

They even added some wine labels on the bathroom wall. It looks like they used a mini wine bottle to hold their liquid hand soap and the ceiling is rounded to give that wine cellar feel.

I like it when the barrel is stamped with a logo. 

If there isn't one you could easily stencil one on. And why not pretend you have your own Whiskey distillery or private vineyard in France? Create your own vintage... "yes these barrels are all that's left from my ancestral vineyard, we were lucky to save them from the fire that ravaged the whole place"...

Now how cool would it look if you turned one of these Jack Daniels whiskey barrels into a vanity in the basement "man cave" bathroom? These bad boys are for sale on ebay for a cheap $160 usd each! What a bar-goon.  Now you can't beat that price for a vanity! And you probably wouldn't need to spend any money on a bathroom air fresher either!

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