Tub base Tuesday: White picket fence inspired

This bathroom with it's white washed wood tub surround makes me think of summers as a kid running thru the corn fields behind my grandmother's house. This looks like the perfect farm house bathroom. Her's was more of a city house. I don't even know why this bathroom makes me think of her, I guess it is all those old framed landscape pictures. She had frames like this throughout her home. It's funny how little things like that makes you miss someone. 

image via: unknown


Raina Cox said...

Hey there Miz Mikky,

Thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!



mikky said...

Hi Raina,

You have great posts, thanks for stopping by. Actually, I discovered the art in my next post because of the Bill Murray pillow in one of your previous posts, so thanks a bunch!

Have a great day.