Tub base Tuesday: Stairway to heaven

There are a few reasons why I called this post Stairway to Heaven...
First, because I think this bath looks so beautiful and inviting, heavenly
really. Love the little yellow flowers floating in the tub. 
Second, because these stairs look pretty cool, I like the modern look of
these steps. The contrast of the dark brown wooden steps against the creamy beige marble of the tub and floor looks spectacular, so the song "Stairway to Heaven" popped into my head.
And finally,  this is horrible, but these steps could be your ticket to Heaven!
Just imagine...
After a hectic day at work, you decide to take a hot bath to help you unwind. You pour in your favorite bath oils, since it was such a stressful day you add a bit extra, hey why not?
You climb into the tub, it feels so good, you start to really relax, you needed this. Then you hear the phone ring, nuts, nuts, nuts! You left it in the other room. It could be your boss calling, it could be important. You rush to climb out of the tub to get to the phone before the answering machine picks up...You never make it to the phone, but the Coroner does think to himself how nice you smell and how beautifully soft your skin feels! 
So CSI what happened? Let's recreate the scene...
Climbing out of that tub with soaking wet feet, made extra greasy from the bath oils, the victim stepped down onto those smooth steps. Rushing to get to the phone her feet start to slip on the steps, reaching to grab onto something to stop her fall she turns. Out of the corner of her eye she notices the men working on her neighbour's roof, realizing they can see her naked she gets distracted and slips. She starts falling, bangs her head on the faucet she had spent weeks shopping for, she tumbles down the stairs and hits the marble hard, too hard to ever remember.
Pretty design, safe and practical? Maybe not.

As fantastic as they look, I'm not a fan of steps leading up to the tub (as I mention in
this post: here)
However, if you have your heart set on having a tub with steps, please consider these details to help make it a bit safer:
- Add a hand rail - I'm sure they could come up with a sexy design for you.
- Have the tub and steps against at least one wall. If there is no railing you could hold onto the wall for support. Consider adding a towel bar on the wall to use as a railing - but don't get a cheap one. You need something that will support your weight and make sure it is well attached to the wall.
- Don't have such smooth steps. As tacky as carpeted steps leading up to the tub are, they are definitely a lot safer then the chic steps above. You don't need to go tacky carpeting though - choose something with a bit of texture or grout lines. Something for your feet to grab onto, such as pebbled tiles. Look at shower floors for inspiration.
- Position the faucet to the side of the tub so it is still in close reach to fill up the tub, but out of the way when you are climbing in and out of the tub. You don't want to get into the habit of using your faucet as a handle to help you get out of the bath. They are not made for this and will end up breaking.
- Go for steps with a natural step height, don't give yourself the added challenge of too high steps or many thin low steps. (Check out an example of an irregular height step: here)
- Get in the habit of placing your towel on the side of the tub. Immediately when you get out sit on the edge of the tub and dry your feet before you step down. Seriously thought, who's going to do this? I'd probably do it once then forget about it. I'd definitely not take the time to dry my feet if the phone were ringing. 

image via: homedsgn

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