Soaking in the scenery

A little slice of paradise to start off the week. Can't you just imagine the smell of the tropical breeze blowing into this bathroom & the sounds of happy birds chirping away outside? I bet some lucky lady is taking a bath in this beautiful marble tub right now. I always think it would be such a kick if the owner of one of the bathroom I post about would see the post and leave a comment, hopefully "come visit, I'll fuel up my private jet to pick you up!" Ahhh, a little nice day dreaming to start off the week.

This beige bathroom is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but I think it would look fantastic just about anywhere. With it's neutral palette and clean lines, it is both timeless and relaxing. 

And I ask you, would you ever sleep in if you had these views of the 
Pacific Ocean? I don't think I would!

image via: freshome

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