Old Hollywood Glamour bathroom

I absolutely love watching old movies. From the fantastic outfits - usually designed by Edith Head, to the gorgeous sets and snappy dialogue watching old movies is one of my favourite things to do early Sunday mornings. Rifling thru my bathroom photos I came across the vanity above. The retro black and white pattern design on the vanity combined with the little makeup station just screams Old Hollywood Glamour. Throw a pink feather boa over that chair, add some pretty perfume bottles and one or two antique silver frames, a big powder puff and this bathroom could easily be transported back to the times of the silver screen.
Even the round mirror is perfect...it looks just like this one...

On a little side note, I really need to get my files in order! I just spent the last 1/2 hr looking for some other photos of Hollywood Glam bathrooms I saved somewhere. There's this one vanity that is so Old Hollywood it is bugging me that I can't find it. Where oh where is it? Who knows?! I had created separate folders for different topics, but then I would get lazy and wouldn't want to click thru to get to the right folder so now I have a mish mash of folders in folders. Quel mess! I must clean this up! Wish I could just snap my fingers and everything would go into one folder and I'd start over. If you've got any stellar tips on how you save yours please let me know!

images via: unknown, confessions of a shopaholic

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