Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Rubber duckies vs. Sailors

This bathroom is just an explosion of fun!
Sometimes you look at a bathroom and immediately you form a picture of what the owner must be like. Looking at this photo I'd guess they are very reserved, boring, serious, quiet, no fun at parties.....just joking! Don't you think this bathroom looks like it belongs to someone who is fun loving, a kid at heart, great sense of humor, lives life on the lighter side and knows how to have fun?
So who's bathroom is this?
This is the bathroom of Brazilian DJ Pil Marques and if you love his bathroom, then you absolutely need to check out the rest of his pad, it's just as fun and over the top. You can check it out here. You'll be blown away by his collections.
I love how so many different lively shades of blue were used to pull Pil's bathroom together. From the turquoise Ikea kid's stool, light blue wood bench, amazing blue mirror to the light blue bath towel and all the blue details in his figurine collections it creates a unified look. The interior designers also masterfully used shades of blue throughout the rest of Pil's studio to showcase his extensive collections.
How cute is Pil's collection of rubber duckies and sailor men? I love the giant shark on the wall and the Ernie figurine in his shower and what about that beach scene shower curtain!
image via: yatzer


Style Maniac said...

Hi Mikky
Thanks for stopping by Style Maniac today. What a fun blog you have! Love that shower curtain. Wouldn't it be great as a curtain for a closet, too?

mikky said...

Hi Doreen,

And thank you for coming to visit me now! That Valentine's day quote you have on your blog is just so nice. So glad I discovered your blog today.

Have a nice day,

K&B by the Sea said...

That is definitely a one-of-a-kind bathroom! Love the sailor duck on the stool in the shower and the colourful towel :-) Sometimes you just gotta have fun!

mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

Definitely a fun bathroom! Can't wait to see how fabulous yours looks when completed.