Catching up on some creative bathrooms

This post is a long time coming. Last year sweet Sacha sent me photos of her cool black and white bathroom. If you haven't seen the post yet, you can check it out here. I was blown away by her creativity - she's like the Tim Burton of furniture refurbishment!
So of course I asked her to send me more photos of bathrooms she had renovated. After Ooooing and Aahhhing over Sacha's designs what did I do? I did what any great procrastinator does, I lingered and lingered...You know those times when you want to do a good job so you get writers' block and just keep putting it off? Well this is a perfect case of that, I put it off for an entire year! What a horrible person I am! As I told you guys before, this year I am determined to accomplish my New Year's resolutions and this is one of them. So before I start procrastinating again, I'd better wrap up this post! Hope you enjoy Sacha's imaginative bathrooms. 

How clever is this bathroom vanity? Such a fun use of an old tv set. I've seen these retro tv sets used as aquariums before, but never as a bathroom vanity.

You can't see too much of it, but I like the trompe d'oeil design on the vanity in this grey and white striped bathroom. Wish I had seen this idea back when we lived in a condo with those old white melamine bathroom cabinets. You know the ones with the little edge of wood at the top? That was them. I would have repainted the doors of our vanity and drawn on a chic Parisienne bureau on it.

If you'd love to see more of Sacha's designs, please visit her Facebook page:
here. Her furniture business just celebrated it's 2nd anniversary in January, here's to many more years of great success!
images via: Once Upon A Time


Sacha said...

Aaaah Mikky! What a lovely surprise to open this post today. ;0)
Thank you for sharing and such a lovely spread.

Chat soon

mikky said...

Hi Sacha,

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome work and sorry again for taking forever to post them!

Btw, I loved the happy birthday candles on your cake, even your candles are cool!