Brush like a Superhero!

Last week over coffee S was telling me about the daily battles she goes thru trying to get her kids to brush their teeth. It sounded like a job for a Super hero. S's kids aren't much into comics but tons of little Batmans, Spidermans & Supermans rang my  doorbell last Halloween, I bet many of them aren't big teeth brushers either. I wonder if this art could get them to WANT to brush their teeth. 

This art is part of a series called The secret life of heroes by Greg Guillemin.

Here are a few of his other designs:

It probably wouldn't be the best idea to hang up this art of Superman in a little boy's bathroom!

You can find Greg Guillemin's The secret life of heroes series along with his other work here.

A little shout out to Raina over at If The Lamp Shade Fits, I discovered this 
art because of a funny Bill Murray pillow I saw on her blog.

images via: society6


Sacha said...

LOL!!!! Love the brushing teeth, but not a fan of the pee and poo versions haha.

mikky said...

Hi Sacha,

Me too, however, I do think the Wonderwoman bra stuffing one is funny.

Hope you're having a nice day.