Celebs in tubs: Clint Eastwood


Hope this photo of Clint Eastwood in the tub makes your day!
I also came across this photo of him. Wow!

image via: seastwood, reddit

Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Grey & Persian

This is one of the bathrooms I keep stopping to look at over and over. What does it for me are the gorgeous Persian rugs. The citrus colours in the rugs just contrasts so beautifully with the grey bathroom cabinetry.
Tell me, for this bathroom, what would you go with:
Luxurious white bathmats or these rugs?

image via: chicago home & garden

Unique and unusual bathroom vanities

With a little imagination and a bit of ingenuity you can come up with a show stopping bathroom vanity that won't cost a pretty penny. Last week we looked at bathroom vanities made out of simple wood tables (here) and in another post we looked at bathroom vanities made out of wine and whiskey barrels (here), so this week I thought it would be fun to look at some even more unique items people have made vanities out of.
What's amazing to note about this first bathroom is that the toilet is actually very expensive, it's the Kohler Purist Hatbox and costs over $5,000! So the owners didn't need to go with an inexpensive vanity, but they still decided to turn a simple cart into a vanity, interesting...
Sew... let's take a look at some other creative vanity diys...
Why not use a sewing machine base as a bathroom vanity?
This vanity makes me think of my parents because their kitchen table base is a
black Singer sewing machine base. When I was a kid, I liked to put my feet on the wheel and try to make it move but, my parents thought ahead and tied it down so my mischievous little feet wouldn't make noise.
Ok, this next photo doesn't have the best resolution. I know it's a major faux-pas to post a blurry photo like this, but how often do you come across a lucky pineapple bathroom vanity?! I just had to share. I couldn't keep this baby hidden! I'm sure people will take sides, some will say - how tacky is this pineapple vanity? Others will say man, that pineapple vanity is quirky and fun. I think it is cute for a vacation home powder room. I could picture Lily Pulitzer having one of these. I like how they paired the pineapple with the over sized vessel sink in mother of pearl - much prettier then if they had went with a solid white bowl sink I think.

Found an interesting stone or piece of wood? You could turn it into a vanity like this:

I bet you guys have already seen this one, but I couldn't not include it...the bike vanity. 
For fun I might have kept the handle bars on the bike or attached them to the wooden counter. On the handle bars I'd have added one of those bicycle rear-view mirrors, but changed the mirror to a magnifying mirror. For kicks I might add a bell or little horn if this were a family bathroom. You could honk the horn for your mate to get out of the shower or for the kids to ring the bell when they are finished brushing their teeth. Granted, it would probably get really annoying - especially in the morning ugh! While I'm at it, to add some storage space I'd put one of those bike pouches (the old wicker ones with leather details) hanging on the back wheel to store all the toiletries. Was trying to come up with a reason to add a long orange neon flag off the end, but I was starting to go over board!


In case you are interested, here are the other posts I mentioned:
Wood tables as Bathroom vanities
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Tub base Tuesday: Stone alcove

What I love about this bathtub base design is that it's almost invisible. At first glance you might not even notice there is a bathtub behind the rock facade.

The soft beige and brown colour scheme of this bathroom looks so very relaxing. It's hard to choose a favourite detail - what to pick? The stone walls or the hanging lamp or this pretty mosaic floor? Tough call.

Catching up on some creative bathrooms

This post is a long time coming. Last year sweet Sacha sent me photos of her cool black and white bathroom. If you haven't seen the post yet, you can check it out here. I was blown away by her creativity - she's like the Tim Burton of furniture refurbishment!
So of course I asked her to send me more photos of bathrooms she had renovated. After Ooooing and Aahhhing over Sacha's designs what did I do? I did what any great procrastinator does, I lingered and lingered...You know those times when you want to do a good job so you get writers' block and just keep putting it off? Well this is a perfect case of that, I put it off for an entire year! What a horrible person I am! As I told you guys before, this year I am determined to accomplish my New Year's resolutions and this is one of them. So before I start procrastinating again, I'd better wrap up this post! Hope you enjoy Sacha's imaginative bathrooms. 

How clever is this bathroom vanity? Such a fun use of an old tv set. I've seen these retro tv sets used as aquariums before, but never as a bathroom vanity.

You can't see too much of it, but I like the trompe d'oeil design on the vanity in this grey and white striped bathroom. Wish I had seen this idea back when we lived in a condo with those old white melamine bathroom cabinets. You know the ones with the little edge of wood at the top? That was them. I would have repainted the doors of our vanity and drawn on a chic Parisienne bureau on it.

If you'd love to see more of Sacha's designs, please visit her Facebook page:
here. Her furniture business just celebrated it's 2nd anniversary in January, here's to many more years of great success!
images via: Once Upon A Time

Tub with a view: Midnight in paradise


Thought I'd take a quick photo of my evening tonight...
I wish! Ahhh, to spend the night relaxing in this tub now that would be heaven! 

image via: unknown

Window boxes used to hold bath towels


When I saw this idea I thought it was really cute. Using flower boxes to store towels in is a pretty smart, inexpensive and practical storage solution for a small bathroom.
At first I thought window boxes could only work in rustic, country bathrooms, then I started thinking of all the different style boxes out there. My parents have beautiful ornate terracotta window boxes hanging on their balcony, I pictured how they would look filled with towels instead of flowers. I think their flower boxes would fit in perfectly in a Mediterranean style bathroom. If only theirs weren't filled with flowers I could test out the idea! 
I think it would be fun to fill a window box with rolls of 1 or 2 shades of light pink towels and maybe a few light green wash clothes tucked between to give the look of flowers and petals. On the other hand, I bet if you got sleek stainless steel window boxes and hung them in a bathroom  one above the other and filled them with crisp white, luxurious towels nobody would realize what they actually are. Hmmm...when spring hits I may just have to bring some towels with me to the garden centers to experiment.
I like how they added knobs to the next window box to hang their bathrobes on.

images via: real simple, the lettered cottage, nellie bellie

The hot tub boat


We've looked at, well drooled over really, a few hot tubs in boats in our "Tub with a view" posts before (remember these beauties: here & here), but never anything quiet like this. I can see these being a hit in the Caribbean - add a glass bottom to these hot tub boats and they'd be amazing. I don't know if I'd want to spend a whole day yachting in one of these, an hour or two would be alot of fun thought.
images via: hottubboats

Neon bathrooms: yellow and lime

Is the neon trend on it's way out?
I definitely hope not. Neon yellow and neon green are not the first choices I'd think of for painting a bathroom. I was pleasantly surprised how good neon looks in the bathroom. One thing is for sure, you can't stay sleepy for long standing in one of these bright bathrooms!
(the pedestal soaker tub above is from Restoration Hardware & the wall color is Pratt & Lambert's Light Chartreuse)

images via: decorpad, country living, apartment therapy, skonahem, image, design sponge

Old Hollywood Glamour bathroom

I absolutely love watching old movies. From the fantastic outfits - usually designed by Edith Head, to the gorgeous sets and snappy dialogue watching old movies is one of my favourite things to do early Sunday mornings. Rifling thru my bathroom photos I came across the vanity above. The retro black and white pattern design on the vanity combined with the little makeup station just screams Old Hollywood Glamour. Throw a pink feather boa over that chair, add some pretty perfume bottles and one or two antique silver frames, a big powder puff and this bathroom could easily be transported back to the times of the silver screen.
Even the round mirror is perfect...it looks just like this one...

On a little side note, I really need to get my files in order! I just spent the last 1/2 hr looking for some other photos of Hollywood Glam bathrooms I saved somewhere. There's this one vanity that is so Old Hollywood it is bugging me that I can't find it. Where oh where is it? Who knows?! I had created separate folders for different topics, but then I would get lazy and wouldn't want to click thru to get to the right folder so now I have a mish mash of folders in folders. Quel mess! I must clean this up! Wish I could just snap my fingers and everything would go into one folder and I'd start over. If you've got any stellar tips on how you save yours please let me know!

images via: unknown, confessions of a shopaholic

Tub base Tuesday: Sunny side up

Sometimes all it takes is a great paint colour to turn an ordinary bathroom into something eye catching. The yellow really makes the white bathtub pop and keeps the bathroom looking clean and fresh.
I thought this was a cute idea to steal for a little girl's bathroom:
Put pretty butterfly wall stickers around the door like this:
This family has a big love for colour. Just looking at all the great colours in their home made me smile - I particularly liked their half pink walls. It looks like the kind of home that is always filled with laughter and pets running around. You can check out more photos of Gra├ža and Francisco's  home here.
image via: ikea family live

Celebs in tubs: Harry Connick Jr

It's been awhile since I've done a celebs in tubs post and it's been awhile since we've seen the handsome face of Harry Connick Jr, so what better combination to get back into the swing of it. I'll be doing the Celebs in tubs posts once a week again, haven't decide which day yet, I'm thinking either Mondays or Thursdays so check back next week!

image via: tim geaney

French inspired Master bathroom


I think this bathroom is simply stunning. I love the colour palette - the light blue walls look beautiful - they make me want to repaint my walls this colour! The Calacatta marble counter tops are rich and luxurious, the wall sconces sublime and the marble floor tiles are perfect. There is just one detail I don't like. It's got to do with the monogrammed bath towels, I'll talk about it a bit later. Otherwise, I think this French inspired bathroom is pretty perfect.


How perfect do these monogrammed bath towels look on this towel warmer? I love the light blue stitching of the initials.

So, is there anything you would change about these Monogrammed bath towels?
I would.
I'd change the location of the heated towel rack. Placed where it is the owners will have to walk across the bathroom getting the floor wet to reach their pretty monogrammed towels. This polished marble floor could become very slippery under their wet feet. Plus they'll have to wipe up the water after every bath or shower and put bath mats everywhere. I guess they could get two monogrammed bath mats to match their monogrammed towels!
 I bet most of the time the homeowners will be taking showers, so I'd position the heated towel rack on the open wall next to the shower. This way they won't get that awful freezing feeling when the air hits their wet body when stepping out of the shower and it will solve all the problems mentioned above.
Now if only the shower door could have opened the other way, they wouldn't even have to step out of the shower to reach for their towel. They could have just opened the door a bit, pulled the towel off the heated rack, dried off inside the shower, keeping the bathroom floor dry and stayed nice and warm at the same time.

Btw, did you notice the nice detail they repeated?
The little marble tiles they used for the shower floor are the same ones they used in the separate toilet area. I love this detail. Sure they could have continued the diamond floor pattern of the 12x12 marble tiles into the toilet area, but I think using the small floor tiles adds a cute touch.


Just like the pretty little details of the frog on a lily pad drain stopper and the monogrammed towels, little details like which way a shower door opens or where the heated towel rack is located can make a big difference with how much you enjoy your bathroom.

images via: bhg 

Tub with a view: fountaine bleu


I'm guilty of usually posting tubs with amazing views of the tropics. They are my favorites, so this week I thought it was again time to spice it up and throw in a non-tropics view tub. Honestly though, I might just love this solid white marble tub just as much. And oh that view! It looks so theatrical, like something out of an old movie. I'd almost expect synchronized swimmers in gorgeous beaded costumes to pop out of the water. I've always dreamt of having a pool with fountains splashing into it like this, so I would be very happy with this view.
What about you?
Is there a tub with a view style you'd like to see more of? 
Please let me know in the Comments.

image via: cote de texas

Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Rubber duckies vs. Sailors

This bathroom is just an explosion of fun!
Sometimes you look at a bathroom and immediately you form a picture of what the owner must be like. Looking at this photo I'd guess they are very reserved, boring, serious, quiet, no fun at parties.....just joking! Don't you think this bathroom looks like it belongs to someone who is fun loving, a kid at heart, great sense of humor, lives life on the lighter side and knows how to have fun?
So who's bathroom is this?
This is the bathroom of Brazilian DJ Pil Marques and if you love his bathroom, then you absolutely need to check out the rest of his pad, it's just as fun and over the top. You can check it out here. You'll be blown away by his collections.
I love how so many different lively shades of blue were used to pull Pil's bathroom together. From the turquoise Ikea kid's stool, light blue wood bench, amazing blue mirror to the light blue bath towel and all the blue details in his figurine collections it creates a unified look. The interior designers also masterfully used shades of blue throughout the rest of Pil's studio to showcase his extensive collections.
How cute is Pil's collection of rubber duckies and sailor men? I love the giant shark on the wall and the Ernie figurine in his shower and what about that beach scene shower curtain!
image via: yatzer