Tub base Tuesday: hello snow

It's crazy cold today, all I want to do is slip into a warm fuzzy sweater, slipper booties and sip on a mug of hot chocolate overflowing with tiny marshmallows. Whenever I have a hot chocolate I must reload it with mini marshmallows at least a few times. I'd gladly prop up my bag of marshmallows against this tub and sip away the afternoon looking out at that winter wonderland.

I thought this tub design was rather different, very Japanese zen spa, perfect for our Tub base Tuesdays! The design is so simple and really makes you focus on the outdoors (I like how they put a huge mirror on the wall facing the windows, so which ever way you lie you have a great view). The black stone pebbles surrounding the wooden tub really adds to the design. It gives the look warmth and some much needed texture. Without the pebbles I think the look would come off as too sterile.

image via: trendir

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