Same wallpaper 2 diff styles...which do you prefer?

It took me a moment to realize that the following 2 washrooms had the same wallpaper. One bathroom is decadently luxurious, while the other is straight forward with a twist. 

This first bathroom plays up the cherry blossom wallpaper to the hilt. 

For some this bathroom will be too over the top with it's rich red ceiling, gilded ornate mirror and glossy black trim paired with such a dramatic wallpaper. I think it would be fun to be a guest in this house and get to shower in that sexy red tiled shower. 

If I used this bathroom, I think I'd have to be wearing something glamorous and would absolutely have to apply scarlet red lipstick in that mirror. No way could you wear sweats or any other colour then red lipstick in this bathroom. It's a provocative bathroom for dressing up and looking like a femme fatale!

Ok, maybe it's not fair that we are comparing a full bathroom to a powder room, plus we are comparing 3 photos to 1, but it's about the style and the overall feeling, not the size!

When I looked at this next bathroom, I immediately thought, ah, the focal point of this powder room is the wallpaper and everything else are supporting characters. 

Sure enough, that is exactly what the designer had in mind. Check out what she had to say about her design after the photo.

Per  Margaret Carter Interiors "This powder room was inspired by the wallpaper. The stone floor became the perfect complement to the walls, which could easily have become overwhelming. The stone and wood vanity was custom built."

I think this second bathroom has a more relaxed, zen feeling to it. While the first bathroom may put you in the mood and get your heart racing, this one will make you want to drink some herbal tea and get a relaxing massage. I think rubbing your feet along the stone flooring must be very soothing. 

So which bathroom design do you prefer? Bathroom 1 or bathroom 2?

images via: elizabeth gordon studiomargaret carter interiors


S said...

I prefer the 1st bathroom! The second bathroom looks rather bleak to me...

mikky said...

Thanks Selina! 1 is fun.


Sacha said...

Hey Mikky! Hope all is well. Def the 1st for me too.

mikky said...

Hey Sacha!

I can picture you taking some cool photos in that bathroom with your long cigarette!
All is good with me, thanks so much for keeping up contact, I need to be more like you this year, keep better in contact with everyone - it's part of my resolutions.
Hope all is good with you too.