Hotel bathroom heaven: Four Seasons fabulousness

Last week my husband went on a business trip and snapped some photos of his 
hotel bathroom for me. I have to say I was pretty jealous when he sent me the pics! 

Immediately I recognized this fantastic bathroom. I had seen it before. The first time I saw this little slice of heaven was on Emily's blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere. She stayed at the Four Seasons for her book tour and also took a photo of her bathroom, you can check out hers here.

This bathroom is the perfect mix of contemporary and luxurious. I'm sure you will love it too....

Amazing modern tub, chic & sleek fixtures, plush terrycloth robes and wall to 
wall delicious granite tiles.... what's not to love? 

Oooo.. and bath products by Etro! How cute is this soap packaging?

One of my favorite details is this wall tray. It's the sleekest, chicest way to hold a 
soap dish I've seen in a long time. 

See how cool it looks:

Similar to the Ritz, they have the shower and toilet hidden behind frosted glass doors. 

 I wish I had the room to have a separate little toilet closet like this.

Now my husband out did himself with his photo taking. He took some action shots....

Water off...

Water on!
(ahhh, what a cutie he is)

2 details I love in this shower, besides the 8" rain shower head of course, are the 
rectangular control panels and the shower drain. 

Most of the time when you choose round shower knobs they stick you with round panels. It's only in the more expensive lines do you have a rectangular panel with a round knob. This is my favorite look. It has a very European feel to it. 

The other great detail is the invisible drain. Where is the invisible drain you ask darling? Well
 it's invisible. ;) Ok, if you look down at where the floor meets the wall, you will see a little gap, it's easiest to look where the shower shelving is. These drains are uber expensive, but oh how chic they make your shower floor look!

And how pretty are the Etro shower products (these babies are sitting on my 
vanity right now teeheeee...)

Moving on to the Four Seasons vanity area:

Don't you just love the stripes of lighting down the mirrors? It's a nice
modern take on the rows of light bulbs from back in the day and creates
fantastic lighting to put on your makeup.

I really like the look of the dark brown counter top, it almost looks like wood. Paired with the sleek faucet and those nice, thick towel bars the style is very modern and masculine.

There was plenty of room to add a second sink to this vanity, but I like the fact that they didn't. I'm a big fan of having  more counter space in lieu of double sinks (& double the cleaning).

Now do I have a great photographer or what? He even took a photo of the cute laundry bag.

And since I  always bug him to find out what brands all the stuff is, he even took a 
photo of the drain!

And a close up of the faucet. Chic faucets like this it had to be a brand like Dorn Bracht.

And a few shots of the rest of his room...

 Now to compare... 

Let's compare the photos my husband took to those on the Four Seasons site to 
see if what they show is really what you get.....

click the "Click to see more" to find out

So how similar are his photos to those showing the rooms on the Four Seasons site?

Let's see.....

Apart from the great lighting, staging and the fact that he took the photos with his blackberry, I'd have to say the Four Season's site shows you exactly what their rooms actually look like.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour and thanks to my husband for taking time out of his hectic schedule to take photos for me. You're the best! xoxo

If you want to check out another of his hotel stay washrooms, check out this post: 

(for this one he actually stood on the tub to get a good photo angle!)

If you do, please leave a comment letting me know which hotel bathroom you like best - the Four Seasons bathroom or the Ritz Carlton bathroom. I think the tub at the Four Seasons is much nicer, while the bathroom at the Ritz Carlton is more feminine. I'm curious to see what you guys think.

images via: todaloosfour seasons

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