Two tubs: His and her side by side bathtubs a good idea?

two tubs in tropical paradise

I'm 100% for tropical paradise outdoor tubs, though I do find these to be a bit too far apart. How are you going to pass the snacks at this distance? Yes, if I were lying in one of these tubs I'd need some snacks. I imagine lying there watching elephants and giraffes walking by or looking out at the surf (me, not the animals). I wouldn't be surprised if Richard Branson or Johnny Depp had a set up like this on their islands. If I had an island I'd do this (I mean when I have an island...gotta think positive). Well, then again, I think I would rather have one super large tub then two separate tubs. Where's the fun in that? David Copperfield has a sweet outdoor tub on his island, you can check it out here.

The more I think about it the more I wonder how this would work. I mean two tubs is ideal if you have a friend over, but then there is the whole awkwardness of lying there naked next to them.  It's not like getting a massage where there are discretely placed towels. Just imagine your husband's 87 year old grandmother lying in the tub next to yours. See where I'm going with this? I think if you've got 2 tubs it's imperative that you have a really good foaming, LONG lasting bubble bath. The 2 tub dilemma could have been a great Seinfield episode. I'd have George in one tub and bring back the shrinkage bit again. Or better yet, have Larry David on Curb your Enthusiasm (love that show) maybe with Richard Lewis or Larry's girlfriends' Dad in the other tub, then next time his girlfriend or her Mom in the the other tub and Larry slips going over to her tub. Ok, enough of my scrip writing day dreaming.

An advantage of dual tubs: no one gets stuck sitting on the drain. However, now you can buy tubs with the drain in the middle.

Do you think having 2 tubs means there is romance in your relationship or that 
the romance is over? 

Tell me, if you had the budget and the space, would you want to have side by 
side his and her tubs?

images via: unknown, smith travel blogskonahemvictoria and albert bathsskonahemelle


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

woah never seen that before! the two baths are kind of cute!

mikky said...

Hi Jen,

Was a first for me too! It's definitely original. Wonder if it will become a trend.

Have a great day.

Soul Pretty said...

I love the idea...but his would probably be

mikky said...

Hi Soul Pretty,

2 diff colour baths - now that's a neat idea, could even do two diff designs! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a bathroom like that.