Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Chic and airy

How perfect is this master bathroom? 

The fur covered seat of the lucid chair might not be the most practical choice for the bathroom, but there's no denying the added splash of glam it brings. 

I am a big fan of 24x24 floor tiles, they may be a pain to install, but they just make the bathroom look so chic and luxurious. Whenever I see a bathroom with tiles like this it always makes me think of the perfume sections in upscale department stores. I just love this look. 

Even thought there are a few undeniably feminine touches to this bathroom, I think any metro sexual guy would be happy in a bathroom like this. It has such a sleek, open and airy vibe with the to the ceiling mirror and wall to wall marble and natural wood vanities. What's 
not to love? 

Btw, did you notice that they put marble on the ceiling over the tub? It's a nice little detail to make the room feel that much more luxurious.

image via: unknown


Sacha said...

Beautiful! Love that lil furry chair.

mikky said...

Hi Sacha,

I can picture you making one of these - I bet you could do it with one of those little fur rugs from Ikea!