A very belated Happy New year!

Oo la la what a way to start off the New Year. One of my resolutions for this year is to get back to my daily posts. The final few months of last year were crazy busy, so I let my posting slip and didn't even open my blog email account. So as I sat down to make out my New Year's resolutions, top on my list was to not let that happen again. It's funny how the moment you set out to improve often times a wrench gets thrown into the works. It's like when you want to get into exercising daily you catch a nasty cold and put it off, you plan to eat healthier but then you get bogged down with extra work and find yourself eating quick takeout and junk food. Some little obstacle pops up in your way to either distract you or to put you off your goal, at least that's what happens to me. Well, that was the case here. I went to do my first post of the new year with this fantastic balloon filled bathroom, (I have had this photo for months and figured it would be the perfect photo to kick off the New Year), and poof what happens? The button to add a photo into the post disappeared! For days I tried to find a solution to no avail. I let it go for a few days, then now finally I found a fix to the problem. I can't tell you how frustrated I was. I thought to myself yikes, I sound like a broken record full of excuses on my blog for why I haven't been posting! For a minute there I thought I must be really jinxed - our New Year started off with a car accident (thankfully we only got rear-ended by a guy talking on his cell who hadn't noticed the light change) and a bunch of other stuff happened too and now I wasn't able to post! I was beginning to wonder if 20-13 was going to be a very 13 unlucky year! Finally, today on the Blogger forum I discovered that many other people are having the same problem with their blogs and that there is a temporary fix. So yipeeee! I am back and I'm not the only person this happened to so maybe I'm not so jinxed after all. 

However, I am taking this as a wake up call. That whatever gets thrown at me this year, I am going to keep getting back on that horse, no matter how many times it takes to reach my goals. A few of my favorite bloggers selected a word to mark 2013, mine for this year are Perseverance & Success. At the end of 2013 I want to look back and have accomplished what I set out to do, not to have let obstacles or distractions sideline me as they have so many times before (too many times before). I wish you the same, that whatever brass ring you are reaching for, whatever you have set your sights on achieving, whatever your heart longs for but feels impossible, that this is the year where you cross those big dreams off your To do list and say Done! 

Here's to a great year ahead.

(For anyone using Blogger who can't upload photos from their computer, this is what you gotta do: open your blog via Google Chrome instead of thru Explorer, your image button should work. The Blogger peeps are aware of the problem and are working at fixing it.)

image via: unknown


Sacha said...

Happy 2013! Hope it will be a awesome year for you.
Love this pic, the funny thing is that i have a few ideas in my head for a anniversary photoshoot im planning and can you believe it....it features loads of balloons and a bath tub. Too funny. So thanks for the great pic.

mikky said...

Sacha chickie!
You are so creative! I hope you have a great year too! Now that I am getting back into the swing of blogging I will be checking out your facebook to watch for the pics for this anniversary shoot of yours!