Hotel bathroom heaven: Four Seasons fabulousness

Last week my husband went on a business trip and snapped some photos of his 
hotel bathroom for me. I have to say I was pretty jealous when he sent me the pics! 

Immediately I recognized this fantastic bathroom. I had seen it before. The first time I saw this little slice of heaven was on Emily's blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere. She stayed at the Four Seasons for her book tour and also took a photo of her bathroom, you can check out hers here.

This bathroom is the perfect mix of contemporary and luxurious. I'm sure you will love it too....

Amazing modern tub, chic & sleek fixtures, plush terrycloth robes and wall to 
wall delicious granite tiles.... what's not to love? 

Oooo.. and bath products by Etro! How cute is this soap packaging?

One of my favorite details is this wall tray. It's the sleekest, chicest way to hold a 
soap dish I've seen in a long time. 

See how cool it looks:

Similar to the Ritz, they have the shower and toilet hidden behind frosted glass doors. 

 I wish I had the room to have a separate little toilet closet like this.

Now my husband out did himself with his photo taking. He took some action shots....

Water off...

Water on!
(ahhh, what a cutie he is)

2 details I love in this shower, besides the 8" rain shower head of course, are the 
rectangular control panels and the shower drain. 

Most of the time when you choose round shower knobs they stick you with round panels. It's only in the more expensive lines do you have a rectangular panel with a round knob. This is my favorite look. It has a very European feel to it. 

The other great detail is the invisible drain. Where is the invisible drain you ask darling? Well
 it's invisible. ;) Ok, if you look down at where the floor meets the wall, you will see a little gap, it's easiest to look where the shower shelving is. These drains are uber expensive, but oh how chic they make your shower floor look!

And how pretty are the Etro shower products (these babies are sitting on my 
vanity right now teeheeee...)

Moving on to the Four Seasons vanity area:

Don't you just love the stripes of lighting down the mirrors? It's a nice
modern take on the rows of light bulbs from back in the day and creates
fantastic lighting to put on your makeup.

I really like the look of the dark brown counter top, it almost looks like wood. Paired with the sleek faucet and those nice, thick towel bars the style is very modern and masculine.

There was plenty of room to add a second sink to this vanity, but I like the fact that they didn't. I'm a big fan of having  more counter space in lieu of double sinks (& double the cleaning).

Now do I have a great photographer or what? He even took a photo of the cute laundry bag.

And since I  always bug him to find out what brands all the stuff is, he even took a 
photo of the drain!

And a close up of the faucet. Chic faucets like this it had to be a brand like Dorn Bracht.

And a few shots of the rest of his room...

 Now to compare... 

Let's compare the photos my husband took to those on the Four Seasons site to 
see if what they show is really what you get.....

click the "Click to see more" to find out

Tub with a view: yaught-tub-ing it

Wouldn't it be great if we could snap our fingers and be out of this cold snap and 
instead be basking in the sunshine lying in this jacuzzi?  Ahhh, life would be pretty fantastic!

images via: google

Two tubs: His and her side by side bathtubs a good idea?

two tubs in tropical paradise

I'm 100% for tropical paradise outdoor tubs, though I do find these to be a bit too far apart. How are you going to pass the snacks at this distance? Yes, if I were lying in one of these tubs I'd need some snacks. I imagine lying there watching elephants and giraffes walking by or looking out at the surf (me, not the animals). I wouldn't be surprised if Richard Branson or Johnny Depp had a set up like this on their islands. If I had an island I'd do this (I mean when I have an island...gotta think positive). Well, then again, I think I would rather have one super large tub then two separate tubs. Where's the fun in that? David Copperfield has a sweet outdoor tub on his island, you can check it out here.

The more I think about it the more I wonder how this would work. I mean two tubs is ideal if you have a friend over, but then there is the whole awkwardness of lying there naked next to them.  It's not like getting a massage where there are discretely placed towels. Just imagine your husband's 87 year old grandmother lying in the tub next to yours. See where I'm going with this? I think if you've got 2 tubs it's imperative that you have a really good foaming, LONG lasting bubble bath. The 2 tub dilemma could have been a great Seinfield episode. I'd have George in one tub and bring back the shrinkage bit again. Or better yet, have Larry David on Curb your Enthusiasm (love that show) maybe with Richard Lewis or Larry's girlfriends' Dad in the other tub, then next time his girlfriend or her Mom in the the other tub and Larry slips going over to her tub. Ok, enough of my scrip writing day dreaming.

An advantage of dual tubs: no one gets stuck sitting on the drain. However, now you can buy tubs with the drain in the middle.

Do you think having 2 tubs means there is romance in your relationship or that 
the romance is over? 

Tell me, if you had the budget and the space, would you want to have side by 
side his and her tubs?

images via: unknown, smith travel blogskonahemvictoria and albert bathsskonahemelle

Favorite bathroom photo of the week: Chic and airy

How perfect is this master bathroom? 

The fur covered seat of the lucid chair might not be the most practical choice for the bathroom, but there's no denying the added splash of glam it brings. 

I am a big fan of 24x24 floor tiles, they may be a pain to install, but they just make the bathroom look so chic and luxurious. Whenever I see a bathroom with tiles like this it always makes me think of the perfume sections in upscale department stores. I just love this look. 

Even thought there are a few undeniably feminine touches to this bathroom, I think any metro sexual guy would be happy in a bathroom like this. It has such a sleek, open and airy vibe with the to the ceiling mirror and wall to wall marble and natural wood vanities. What's 
not to love? 

Btw, did you notice that they put marble on the ceiling over the tub? It's a nice little detail to make the room feel that much more luxurious.

image via: unknown

Tub base Tuesday: hello snow

It's crazy cold today, all I want to do is slip into a warm fuzzy sweater, slipper booties and sip on a mug of hot chocolate overflowing with tiny marshmallows. Whenever I have a hot chocolate I must reload it with mini marshmallows at least a few times. I'd gladly prop up my bag of marshmallows against this tub and sip away the afternoon looking out at that winter wonderland.

I thought this tub design was rather different, very Japanese zen spa, perfect for our Tub base Tuesdays! The design is so simple and really makes you focus on the outdoors (I like how they put a huge mirror on the wall facing the windows, so which ever way you lie you have a great view). The black stone pebbles surrounding the wooden tub really adds to the design. It gives the look warmth and some much needed texture. Without the pebbles I think the look would come off as too sterile.

image via: trendir

A very belated Happy New year!

Oo la la what a way to start off the New Year. One of my resolutions for this year is to get back to my daily posts. The final few months of last year were crazy busy, so I let my posting slip and didn't even open my blog email account. So as I sat down to make out my New Year's resolutions, top on my list was to not let that happen again. It's funny how the moment you set out to improve often times a wrench gets thrown into the works. It's like when you want to get into exercising daily you catch a nasty cold and put it off, you plan to eat healthier but then you get bogged down with extra work and find yourself eating quick takeout and junk food. Some little obstacle pops up in your way to either distract you or to put you off your goal, at least that's what happens to me. Well, that was the case here. I went to do my first post of the new year with this fantastic balloon filled bathroom, (I have had this photo for months and figured it would be the perfect photo to kick off the New Year), and poof what happens? The button to add a photo into the post disappeared! For days I tried to find a solution to no avail. I let it go for a few days, then now finally I found a fix to the problem. I can't tell you how frustrated I was. I thought to myself yikes, I sound like a broken record full of excuses on my blog for why I haven't been posting! For a minute there I thought I must be really jinxed - our New Year started off with a car accident (thankfully we only got rear-ended by a guy talking on his cell who hadn't noticed the light change) and a bunch of other stuff happened too and now I wasn't able to post! I was beginning to wonder if 20-13 was going to be a very 13 unlucky year! Finally, today on the Blogger forum I discovered that many other people are having the same problem with their blogs and that there is a temporary fix. So yipeeee! I am back and I'm not the only person this happened to so maybe I'm not so jinxed after all. 

However, I am taking this as a wake up call. That whatever gets thrown at me this year, I am going to keep getting back on that horse, no matter how many times it takes to reach my goals. A few of my favorite bloggers selected a word to mark 2013, mine for this year are Perseverance & Success. At the end of 2013 I want to look back and have accomplished what I set out to do, not to have let obstacles or distractions sideline me as they have so many times before (too many times before). I wish you the same, that whatever brass ring you are reaching for, whatever you have set your sights on achieving, whatever your heart longs for but feels impossible, that this is the year where you cross those big dreams off your To do list and say Done! 

Here's to a great year ahead.

(For anyone using Blogger who can't upload photos from their computer, this is what you gotta do: open your blog via Google Chrome instead of thru Explorer, your image button should work. The Blogger peeps are aware of the problem and are working at fixing it.)

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