How many golden retriever puppies can you fit in a sink?

Hmmm...might be a little hard to brush my teeth in the morning with all these little rascals taking over the bathroom. Forget about heading off to work, think I'd rather stay home and play with this gang of cuties!

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Tub with a view: Stripes in One Direction


A little late posting this week's tub with a view, was busy, busy shopping and digging out of the snow! Are you about done with all your xmas shopping? I only have a few little extra gifts to get, the major stuff is now done, Yippeee!!! Had some great luck this weekend finding a few cool gifts. Totally scored in one store, came out feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, loaded down with bags and bags of gifts.
Now enough of my babbling, what about this tub? I love the combination of the modern stripes, high gloss white paint with the vintage tub.  The pairing of the intricate detail on the tub feet with such sleek graphic stripes is a real winner. I could picture this tub in a music video for One Direction. Can't you just picture their heads popping up all lined up on the edge of the tub, Harry spitting out his pink toothbrush and they all start singing? Then climbing out of it belting away, hmmmmm, maybe they should each be wearing a different colour towel to match the stripes, or fluffy plain white ones, the boys in towels, girls would be hitting replay on that video over and over and over.
Where do you think this view is? My money is a penthouse somewhere in London.

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His and Her copper stew pot sinks

I did a double take when I saw these copper pot sinks. What a great idea! Such a fun conversation piece and so unique. The handles on the sides of the pots are practical too, you can hang a hand towel off them. Crisp white hand towels would look great. Towels with a fruit or vegetable motif or kitchen towels with vintage designs would also be fun to use.
The only thing I would want to change in this bathroom is the white plastic piping. I think it would add to the design if they had put copper piping.
Or to hide the plastic plumbing and to play up the kitchen look of the sinks while adding a little French flare (which would go nicely with the details on the vanity) I would fit French baguette baskets around them. Something like these would work beautifully:
This round one would be great. You'd still see some of the piping but the wicker pattern would distract the eye enough I think. (If it doesn't a few strips of pretty material could be woven thru the basket or more wicker added.)
These rectangular ones would hide the piping completely if faced backwards. You wouldn't get as much of the baguette basket feel with these, but I'm sure they would look nice too.
The weave of these baskets would look spectacular under the vanity. Maybe you'd have to cut them a bit to fit the piping which would be a pity because they are so pretty.
Otherwise you could cut tall rattan hampers or some type of straw baskets to
fit around the plumbing and effectively hide it.
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12 round bathroom vanity mirrors

I'm not sure if I've featured the mirror above in a post before. It is one of my all time favorite mirrors so I always keep it in my files. It is so simple and elegant. If ever I see one in person I am going to grab it and run! Doesn't it make you think of Tuscany or some picturesque little village that has pretty flowers growing everywhere, women wearing flowing dresses in summery colors or some romantic setting like that? This mirror feels like a wooden interpretation of a classic Venetian mirror.
Today I thought we'd look at a few round and oval mirrors to put over the bathroom vanity. There is just something so pretty and feminine about a round mirror. Round mirrors compared to square or rectangular ones often give a bathroom an added touch of warmth and feminine feel.


I'd say most bathrooms have a square of rectangular mirror so using a round or oval one adds a little something special.

As cute as I find this next mirror, it is much to small for me. I like to have a large mirror over the sink so you can do a full check the teeth, check the hair, touch up the face, see that you don't have mustard on your top once over.

Now this is more like it!
This is my style of round mirror; large, impactful, simple and stunning.
Also love that they used a table lamp in the bathroom.

So what do you think? Do you agree that these oval and round mirrors add a
little feminine touch?
images via: lonny magazine, adlsf, homemade in heaven, .susan glick interiors, modern findings

Tub base Tuesday: Teak tub with a pull out side table

This tub base design makes me think of a coffee table in my aunt's apartment. When I was little I called it the cheese table. It's a small round wooden table with orange triangle shaped stools that are stored underneath. As a kid I used to like to take out all the stools and form them into their perfect little orange cheese wedge circle. It was one of my favorite things to do when visiting my aunt and uncle at their apartment, that and swimming in the indoor pool.
This bathtub design is very glamorous but still has a modern vibe. The pull out side table is a great detail, perfect to use as a bench to sit on while washing the dog or great to stack on some bottles of bubble bath, salts and bath time reading. The wood looks like teak, which is pretty low maintenance.
For another great teak bathtub design, check out this post:
(btw, wait till you see the wallpaper in that bathroom! It's pretty great.)

image via: unknown

Look what I found: a chic little mirrored vanity

Was out doing some gift shopping when I stumbled upon this beauty. It is a very glam little mirrored vanity, wish I had a use for it or knew someone redoing their bathroom right now! It's such a great price for everything you get. It already includes the sink and faucets and the countertop is a delicious creamy stone so it would be a major score.
What I like best about this vanity is that the feet are also mirrored, most of the time you see them covered in wood. For sure the wood is more practical cleaning wise, but I just find the mirroring adds a nice little detail.

I snapped some photos of the product info in case you want to track down one of these beauties for yourself. Here is the company's website: here. If any of you get one, please as usual send me some photos! You know how I love a pretty vanity.

This vanity reminds me a bit of the mirrored antique vanity in the bathroom designed by the super chic team of Woodson & Rummerfield in this post:
Vanity manufacturer:here 
images via: todaloos

Bunny bathtime

Ack! this bunny is so cute! Now if I were Agnes from Despicable Me I'd be going nuts over this cutie.What an irresistible little face he's got. This bunny should be the little spokes model for Johnson's shampoos. I'm sure a photo of him on the bottle would increase their sales.
ps. now if you have a bunny rabbit and this photo makes you want to go give him a bath, please read up on it first, I remember reading that it can be very dangerous to give rabbits baths and they could damage or break their spines, so it's best to know how to do it properly before you start. Here are a few article on bathing your rabbit, however, please do your own research too or check with a vet first. Here are those articles: here, here

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Tub with a view: Bubble bath on the balcony

Last week's tub with a view was also a Victorian style bathtub, it was a cool emerald green color and the setting was very moody, a great location to write a heart pounding thriller, but I think I like this one better. What type of novel would I write lying in this sudsy bubble bath with pink flowers and surrounded by palm trees? Hmm...I think it would start out with a couple arriving by private water plane to a posh tropical island surrounded by aqua blue water and the softest creamy white sands. Picture perfect until a butter knife is found in the back of the hottest waiter at the hilltop restaurant...or maybe I'd write a book about a cute little banana eating giraffe.

image via: homelife

The flamingo bathroom

Let's see how Farrow & Ball turned this bathroom renovation sketch into reality....

I love flamingos, I'm sure I've mentioned it a few dozen times already on this blog, but here I go again. I can't resist a sweet flamingo. I've seen this flamingo art before in poster format in many d├ęcor magazines. He's often used in entrance ways. Yes, for some reason I always picture flamingos as males. Anyways, I think they did a fantastic job in this bathroom. Of course Monsieur Flamingo is the star of the bathroom, but lets not overlook all the other great details in this small bathroom.  
 I like how they went the extra mile and went with blue paint to accent the flamingo's hot pink hue. An all white bathroom would have worked too, but the blue just makes it extra special and ties in great with the blue in the floor tiles.
The blue paint used on the wainscoting, tub and vanity is Farrow & Balls Oval Room Blue No. 85. Per their site this shade of blue is "A typical late 18th, early 19th century colour which appears time and again in historic schemes."
Here's the rest of the bathroom. I find the lighting in these photos make it look old and grungy. The blue paint looks green in these photos. These pictures really don't do the bathroom justice, you'd never guess it was a brand new bathroom! It just goes to show how poor lighting can make a fab room look drab.

I always find it fun to look at the reno photos. They give you a little sense of the amount of work that went into creating a great bathroom. The bathrooms don't always start out as beautiful clean blank canvases!

Take a look at the renovation process for this little masterpiece of a bathroom:
Off with the old...

Fresh clean plastered walls ready to go.

Picking the perfect tiles to replace this well worn floor.

Hmmm....think they made the right choice replacing that old floor with the
Rebecca Hayes tiles? Absolutely!
New floor tiles almost all installed. 

Here's a close up of these gorgeous tiles. They are from Rebecca Hayes, they are Cement Encaustic tiles and it is the Siesta pattern. They are available here.
Per Rebecca Hayes site:
 "These tiles are a modern twist on the traditional Moroccan patterned tiles."
I've never heard of cement encaustic tiles before. I've seen them a few times, but didn't know their name. I learnt something new today.

Getting ready to install the Flamingo tile mural.
Now do you start from the top or the bottom?

Bottom it is!

Almost there....

Simply gorgeous!

Now all that's left is to finish up a few more details...

 And the last step: painting the walls.
I read that the walls were painted in Farrow & Ball's Pale Powder Estate Emulsion.
However, when I went on Farrow & Ball's site, I couldn't find that color. I did find a "Pale Powder" color. Pale Powder looks like this swatch bellow, so I don't think it matches the white color on the walls we see in the photos.

 Also, the color swatch photo bellow from Farrow and Ball's website is suppose to be the Oval Room Blue paint color used on all the wood panelling. It looks completely different then the color in the bathroom photos. This swatch looks grey green to me.
It just goes to show how different a color sample can look online versus a photo of the paint in use. Never in a million years would I guess this color swatch was for the wainscoting and woodwork in this bathroom.

Was all the hard work worth it?
I think so! 
Who ever owns this bathroom is one lucky duckie, I mean one lucky flamingo.
Bathroom details:
Flamingo design:Greater Flamingo, Phownicopterus Ruber by J J Audubon
Floor tiles: Rebecca Hayes cement encaustic tiles - Siesta pattern
Sink: Balzano ceramic washbasin sink
Tap: think it's this one: 31cm Tall Mono Single Lever Bathroom Mixer Tap
Tub: not sure of the exact size, but this is the design: Uno Single Ended Bath
Bathroom wood paneling paint color: Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue
Bathroom wall paint color: Pale Powder Estate Emulsion on wall (as mentioned above, I was unable to find this color on Farrow & Ball's website).



I couldn't find the bathtub faucet, but I think this one by Waterworks is a similar style, thought the faucet handles are different:
I couldn't find the shower system either. I think this one from Waterworks has the same traditional look and feel of the one in the flamingo bathroom.  

I'd pair it with this valve trim:
My only pet peeve with this bathroom is...
I don't think the style of the bathtub and shower fixtures match very well with the sink faucet. The sink faucet is contemporary in style while the bath fixtures are traditional.
Especially since it is a small bathroom and the tub and vanity are so close to each other I would have gone with fixtures of the same style, either all traditional or all contemporary. Go back and look at the design of the sink faucet (the photo of the sink faucet  is just above. Unfortunately we don't have a head on shot of it in the bathroom pictures) and compare it with the style of the tub faucet and rainshower, do they look at all alike? Ummmm NO! It's like the modern sink faucet is hanging out with the traditional bath faucets. Not good.
When it comes to fixtures in the bathroom, in my opinion, if you have a separate shower you can get away with using a different brand of fixture, but is should still be in the same style ie. modern, traditional or contemporary. Plus, I'd keep all the faucets in the same brand and style ex. Waterworks Highgate sink faucet paired with a Waterworks Highgate tub faucet and as mentioned, if there was a separate glass shower I'd stick with a traditional style shower system to match with the look of the traditional Highgate faucets. Otherwise it tends to look very mismatched, like you only replaced half your fixtures or you bought them on sale and didn't care if they went together or not. If you're spending money on renovating your bathroom, don't skimp, take the time to match your faucets, these details make a big difference.
I'm also wondering what they did for a shower curtain. I think a simple white linen shower curtain pulled to one side would look perfect in this bathroom. It wouldn't compete with the gorgeous flamingo tiles and would match well with the old world feel of the floor tiles. A simple linen shower curtain would also add some texture to the bathroom. A clear plastic shower curtain could also work, but I think it would look too sterile with the traditional shower fixtures. Makes me think of an old hospital shower, yuck!  If the shower fixtures were more modern a clear plastic shower curtain would probably be ok. Otherwise, I might go for a pale grey/blue plain shower curtain or a white one with a 1 inch black trim down the side. I'd hate to see this flamingo hidden behind a shower curtain all day!
Oh and it's probably sacrilege to paint over such nice wood, but I think I'd paint the door white too.

Now I don't want to end on a sour note, I think this bathroom is a stunner! The flamingo tile mural is perfection and anyone would be lucky to have such a pretty bathroom.
  images via: farrow & ball, rebecca hayes interiors