It's almost that time of year again...


To put away the bathroom scale that is!
It's time to hide it far away in the back of some closet so we can enjoy all
the yummy Christmas goodies.
I love the looks on these two little girls faces.
What do you think is going thru their minds?
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Tub base Tuesday: Knock on wood oval tub surround

You may have noticed that the past 2 months have been a wee bit short on the post side.
I've mentioned it a few times, but now that things have slowed down for the holidays I can get back into it. Between shopping for xmas presents that is! I'm so last minute this year. It is going to be a scramble, but that does add to the excitement. How is your Christmas shopping going?
Today's tub surround is a 2 for 1, it's a Tub with a View and a Tub base Tuesday. Ok, technically this is a freestanding tub you can buy like this, however, I thought it was a nice design idea that can be recreated for a drop in oval tub.

This bathroom looks like it's nestled in the trees. Who knows maybe it's inside the posh
treehouse of a little Richie Rich.
I like the modern look of the wood siding, it is the perfect choice to go with all
the greenery outside.

(btw, if you want something less modern check out these other two posts: this one is also stand alone, but tiled: oval tub with mosaic & this one is not stand alone: a classic oval tub base)
Wish Santa would bring me a treehouse bathroom...
So, did you finish all your shopping?
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A wonderful little white washroom

What drew me to this bathroom was the incredible rug. It is just so pretty.
After I tore my eyes away from it I took a good look at this all white
bathroom. The owners did a fantastic job.

 You can't get much more timeless then this compact bathroom.
From the white honeycomb floor tiles, to the subway tiled walls and classic style white vanity this look will never ever, ever, ever, ever, Ever go out of style!
The little pops of colour in the flowers, handtowel and that rug (that I would just like
to roll up and sneak home...) add the perfect touch of pretty to this petite bathroom.

Since the tub and vanity are so close to each other it is a very nice touch that they went with an undermount bathtub to match the style of the undermount sink. It is especially nice that they matched up the flow of the marble veins on the tub to those on the vanity countertop.
Notice how the right side of the marble on the vanity has very few lines and at the back of the tub the marble is almost completely white? This little detail actually helps to make the bathroom feel larger as your eye sees an unbroken flow of white space. Meanwhile all the great veins are grouped together at the front and right side of the tub, somewhat similar to
the marble on the vanity.
Compare photos 1 & 3 to see for yourself how they matched up the marbles and
let me know what you think!

Master Bath vanity - Pottery Barn: they call them Sink consoles, I can't find this model, however they have a bunch of similar styles.
Master Bath hardware - Pottery Barn (came w/ vanity). However they have a similar style for sale: Ashland Faucet. On the ends of the handles it says HOT and COLD. cute.
Master Bath Lighting - Restoration Hardware Chatham Single Sconce in Polished Nickel
Master Bath Window Treatments: Fabric from Ikea
Master Bath Paint colour : Behr from Home Depot - April Mist
Paint colour of moldings - Behr from Home Depot - Polar Bear
Master Bath Soap Pump - Restoration Hardware: looks like it's from the Lugarno Accessories line.
Master Bath gorgeous rug - Anthropologie

images via: apartment therapy