Where to eat breakfast?

Doesn't this breakfast look delicious?
I think we should all have a bite before we check out the bathroom.
We are having our yummy breakfast at the Hotel La Malcontenta, located in Catalonia’s bucolic Empordá region, just the name sounds so romantic and inviting.
So where should we eat?
In the outdoor dining area?
In the dining room?
Don't you just love these floral panels and
how they mix matched the dining chairs?
Or munch on a chocolate dipped croissant while lounging by the pool?
Or outside our own little private cabana?
 Maybe you'd prefer your breakfast served in bed?
Now if you chose in bed, you get a nice view of the incredible bathtub. If you felt like
it you could even have your breakfast in the tub!
And what a tub it is. Made completely out of pieces of marble, this is one show stopping tub.
I can just picture a great poet or playwright lying belly down in this tub, using the area where the pillows are as his desk, with sheets of paper, a glass of wine, plates of half eaten food and dripping candles spewed across it as he writes his next masterpiece.
These solid marble sinks are equally stunning. I like the contrast of the square shape with the round interior of the sink and how tall they are, showing off the beautiful marble pattern. I think the fact that the marble pattern is different on each sink adds to the visual interest.

So, where oh where would you choose to eat this delicious breakfast?

image via: lazaro rosa-violan andilana hotels

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