Tub with a view: pillared bathtub alcove granite perfection


This is the kinda tub with a view you light candles around, fill up the jacuzzi tub with bubbles (even though you shouldn't), pour a glass of red wine and maybe have a pianist and harpist serenade you with music as you lay back, stare out at the stars and smile as you think of that winning lotto ticket you picked to treat yourself to this lavish bathroom.
btw, did you notice how pretty the tops of those cement pillars are? Or the cute little chandelier over the tub or the extra little detail in the floor tiles? I really like how they added little square mosaic tiles between some, but not all, of the crema marfil tiles. It adds a nice touch and works well with the rich brown granite steps.
Now get out there and buy yourself a lotto ticket!
image via: houzz


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Wow what a dream bathroom!


mikky said...

Hi Jen,

It is a looker!
Nice to see you.