Tub base Tuesday: Ahoy! tub

There are some nice details to this bathroom, from the fish mosaic tiled bathtub wall to the brushed gold faucets, ladder towel rack and the pretty striped towels are all great accents. But we're here to talk about the tub base, cause after all it is Tuesday (ok, I'm a day late posting this baby!, I think that's 2 weeks in a row, it's just that Tub base Wednesday just doesn't sound as good. So not only did I start a sentence with But, my old English teachers would be very mad at me, especially now that I might also be referring to them as old, but I'm also fooling around with my posting days, shame, shame on me. I will eventually get back on track!) 
Ok, enough of my ramblings, back to this tub base. I'm just not sure about the built in lighting. The round spotlights on this wood panelling make me think it look like port holes on a cruise liner or submarine. Not sure if this is a plus or a minus. However, I do think little kids would like it.

I would love to know what you think. Do you like the lights?

Are they a DO or a DON'T? 

image via: southern living

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