Magnificent Art deco-ish master bathroom

How insanely stunning is this master bathroom?
There is not one thing I would change in this bathroom.
Everything was kept streamlined to really showcase the Azzurro Onda Marina Stone wall. The art deco style vanity with it's square pattern plays up the pattern in the stone wall and the colour of the wood really compliments the blue in the marble (and so do the few red branches in the vase. They really thought of everything!).
I also like how the square design was repeated in the floor tiles and that two different patterns were used. There are so many beautiful details to this bathroom. The crisp whiteness of the vanity counter top is fantastic, so are the modern shower fixtures and door handles (notice how they are square, again repeating the pattern on the floor and on the vanity). I think this is one of my favourite bathrooms, it is truly original.
Anyone have an idea what the white thing on the right is? A modern bench? I have no clue.

images via: interiors digital


K&B by the Sea said...

Wow, that stone wall is stunning! Talk about a statement piece! I really like the vanity design too, and the tile inlays in the floor. As for the white thing on the right... I have no idea. My best guess is either a radiator or a tanning bed, but it's really too low down to the floor to be a tanning bed.

mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

I never thought of a radiator, maybe that is it. It makes sense.
Can't wait to see your bathroom renovation!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

LOVE this image. Great find! And the white thing is a bench by Christophe Pillet called "LOOP."

mikky said...

Thanks Anonymous, I'm going to go check out that bench!