Favorite bathroom photo of the week: mixed metals

Some people say you should never mix your metal colours, I guess they have not feasted their eyes on Cartier's gorgeous Trinity ring. It was designed in 1924 and is still coveted to this day. Do you know the symbolism of the three golds? If you're curious, I've included it at the bottom of this post.

And what dear readers does Cartier's Trinity ring have to do with our bathroom of the week?
Simple, like this pretty ring, this bathroom would not be as decadent if only one metal colour was used. The bathroom looks that much more glamorous because of the mix of the silver coloured ball footed tub with the opulent gold mirror and antique gold chandelier. It feels much more current then if they had done everything in the same colour palette. Also, notice how the drapes are in the same colour family as the mirror and chandelier, while the intricate crown moldings and vanity are grey, playing off the silver tub, these details really help to balance out the design and pull it all together. 

And the symbolism behind the 3 golds in the the Cartier Trinity jewellery is:
18 karat white gold stands for friendship
18 karat rose gold for love
18 karat yellow gold for faithfulness
It represents all the qualities needed in a happy relationship.
Isn't that sweet? I think I will have to tell my husband...:) 

images via: cartierharpers bazaar


Unknown said...

I love this bathroom and the look of mixed metal! I especially love mixed metal in design decor.


mikky said...

Hi Deana,

Me too! Hope your studies are going well at university.