Celebs in tubs: Colin Egglesfield

Now we get to see Colin Egglesfield every week on the Client List, but the first time I saw him was in the movie Something Borrowed. When I saw Colin in Something Borrowed you could just see his star quality, it was the same reaction I got when I saw Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale & Daniel Craig in Layer Cake, you instantly knew they would be big stars. And then when Colin smiled, you saw Tom Cruise's smile.
Some fun facts about Colin Egglesfield:
- Colin is rumored to be in the running to play Christian Grey in the
film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey
- has a tshirt company called Shout Out Clothing
- wanted to be a doctor, to pay for med school he started modeling
- has modeled for Calvin Klein, Versace & Armani to name a few
- runs marathons (hmmm Tom Cruise likes to run too)
- loves chocolate donuts (who doesn't?! ;) )
Don't think Colin Egglesfield looks like Tom Cruise?
Take a look at these photos and tell me I'm wrong.... 

(And here's a mission impossible for you, try to find a photo of Tom Cruise with a
closed mouth smile, not easy folks!)
It's only a matter of time till Colin Egglesfield has a huge film career.
How I wish I worked in Hollywood, I'd be pitching a movie where Tom Cruise and Colin Egglesfield play brothers, maybe long lost brothers in a Mission Impossible action movie, I can just picture it.


Chelsea said...

THAT SMILE! Agh. I'm melting. What a cutie.

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh WOW. What more can I say!

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mikky said...

Gotta agree with you girls!