Before and After bathroom renovation: Midcentury modern makeover

I love looking at Before & After transformations. Of course bathroom remodels are my favorite. Sometimes when I am surfing thru the houses for sale and I see a disgusting, outdated bathroom I wish that when the buyers renovate the bathroom they would post their After photos. I am just so curious to see what they did.
Looking at this bathroom, you might not see it as a stunning retro bathroom, but wait till
you see the After pictures. I think you will be blown away by this bathroom reno.
Now that you've had a good look at the Before photos are you
ready to see the After?
Click the "Click to see more" to check out the incredible AFTER photos!

Taa da!
Before, this master bathroom used to look dark and dingy, let's not even talk about that wall to wall carpeting in the bathroom. Now it's light, bright, fresh and airy with a fun retro vibe.
The designer, Gina De Pasquale kept the style of the house in mind when designing this bathroom. It is in a midcentury home, so she kept that midcentury modern vibe going with her choice in the blue retro tiles and accessories.
A few of her great ideas worth copying: 
Be a scrounger:
The vanity countertop was made from remnants from a leftover slab, saving big bucks. So don't be shy when you are walking around to choose your slab of marble, granite or Caesarstone to ask the vendor to see any scrap pieces. Even if they say there aren't any, keep your eyes peeled when walking around and don't be shy to point out pieces and ask about them! You might just end up with something even more fabulous then you had in mind for cheaper.
Spend money on what is visible:
Spending: Custom made cherry veneer doors on the built in wardrobe.
Saving: Inside the built in closets Ikea laminated boxes and shelves were used.
Instead of buying longer and more expensive hand towel racks, simple brushed metal toilet-paper holders from Lowe’s are used to hang hand towels.

Don't gut it all:
Previously, the wood panelled ceiling looked dated, but by adding a modern vanity and sleek modern cabinets in the same wood as the ceiling, it gives the ceiling a new life and nobody would guess that it wasn't part of the bathroom renovation.
Play up your assets and add a little oomph:
The big bucks, splurge item in this washroom are the retro blue tiles. To really showcase them Gina had the ceiling lined with energy-efficient LED rope lights to bring out all the detail and really showcase the gorgeous ceramic tiles.


Adding a rubber ducky always ups the cute factor.

It just goes to show that if you see a house on the market with a terribly dated looking bathroom that makes your skin crawl, it could be the perfect opportunity to turn it into the bathroom of your dreams!
So what do you think of this bathroom renovation? Do you have any
cost saving tips to share?
ceramics from: blue Heath tiles heath ceramics
light pendant: dandelion-inspired pendant light
cabinets: Robern cabinets
energy-efficient LED rope lights from Ohm Lighting


Sacha said...

STunning! What a makeover. Love thos blue tiles.

mikky said...

Hi Sacha!

How's it going?


MolMal said...

This is beautiful. Amazing job, and I love the blue tiles too! Good tips. Thanks for sharing the pics.

mikky said...

Thanks for your comment MolMal, I agree it is pretty amazing how they transformed this bathroom!
Have a great day.