Tub with a view: miles and miles of blue

. I can just imagine lying in this tub watching dolphins swimming outside. It looks like
the aqua blue waters go on forever.
Which do you prefer, last week`s tub with a view or this one?
I know which one I'd choose...
image via: unknown


Ann said...

If that space was mine,
I would spend hours taking a bath.
Of course most of that time is spent gazing out.

mikky said...

Me too, my fingers would end up looking like raisins.


Julye said...

i wish I had a tub like that!! would spend there my days !!

K&B by the Sea said...

Absolutely positively without a doubt this tub with the view of aqua blue waters!

mikky said...

Hahaha, absolutely positively me too! Forget the rest of the house, I could just live in that bathroom!


Mabel and Zora said...

Wow, what a view!