Tub base Tuesday: Time to pick up some palettes

Ummm yeah, it's Tuesday today....well somewhere in the world it is...
Ok, I am late, I just finished the post that was for Monday and now it is very late..well really early Wednesday morning, but I am swamped again with work, but I told myself, nope, you have to put up your post, so here it is! Holy run on sentence, forgive me for my rambling.
It just blows my mind all the creative things people have done with palettes, from turning them into sofas, to bookshelves to a million other projects. I'm surprised there is not a shortage of palettes with everyone doing diy projects with them (those and mason jars). Well, when I saw this photo with the drop in tub inside a palette base I knew I had seen it all.
 What a great use of palettes this is! The palette wood gives this tub base design a nice Texas saloon feel (that is a compliment. Not that I have ever been in a Texas saloon unfortunately, but I imagine this tub looking perfect on a ranch.). And I like the added touch of the big metal screw heads. The little white stool tops off the design, it looks like the kinda stool you'd use to milk a cow.
Doesn't this tub look like it's crazy deep? Perfect for the cowboy to soak in after
a long day herding cattle.
image via: remodelista

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