Tub base tuesday: skirting the issue

At first glance this skirted tub could easily be mistaken for a baby crib and the loofahs for stuffed animals. Or maybe I am just overdue for my eye checkup. If you
love shabby chic bathrooms, then adding a skirt to your tub is the perfect touch.
And why not put a skirt around your sink too? Check out this
post for some cool style ideas:
 (I think that has to be the longest blog title I have ever written!)
image via: belclaire house


Anonymous said...

Such an interesting blog! I wish I was renovating now, for I got more ideas from the blog than bathrooms themselves :) I was wondering do glass baths exist? As in see through all the way? (Modern or vintage style - no matter).

Also, if you love music or movies, help a fellow blogger to start out in this happy blogging world:)

mikky said...

Thanks Anonymous! Glass bathtubs definitely do exist, they come in many different styles. They come in clear glass and different colour glasses. They are very pricey though.
Here`s an example of one: