Stained glass windows in the bathroom

When I was growing up my parents had a thing for stained glass windows. When we visited Europe one of the big things was to go to the Castles and churches and take photos of the stained glasses windows. I wasn`t that excited about it myself, but now that I`ve gotten older, I can appreciate all the work and craft that goes into creating one of these.
And what better place to use a stained glass window then in a bathroom? It gives
you tons of privacy and still lets in alot of light.
Not only does the stain glass allow you to use big windows or doors in the bathroom without sacrificing on privacy, but they can be the show stopping statement piece of the bathroom and really make your bathroom look unique.
Not sure which I like more in the next picture, the pretty stork mural in the shower or the colours of the stained glass window over the tub. Looks like a very happy bathroom.
I thought this was a great idea: a stained glass sliding panel. When you are taking your shower you can have privacy and later when you are putting on your makeup you can slide the stain glass aside to let more light into your bathroom. Such a smart idea.
Alot of older bathrooms have these ackward little windows. Look how they became a great design element in this bathroom by switching them out for stained glass windows:


Would you put a stained glass window in your bathroom?

images via: design crisis, the design fairy, hgtvbrian vanden brink x 2, sv design  home bunch, unknown, signature woodworks llc, erdreich architecture


pretty little things said...

such pretty windows, I would take any of these! Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! xo

mikky said...

Thanks so much!
I will definitely come check out your blog. I really
like your blog name.