Favourite bathroom photo of the week: Steamy or Screamy?

I can either imagine this bedroom bathtub set in front of the blazing fire as the setting for some steamy scene in a Harlequin romance novel, where the main characters, who have hated each other up till then, are trapped in this room due to a snow storm and wind up in a passionate embrace and spend romantic days in bubble baths. My best friend in high school used to go thru a Harlequin romance a week. Every once in awhile I`d read one, they always had the same plot lines. Once she was done with them she used to give the books to her rabbit to chew thru. I'm not sure which one of them enjoyed the books more!  On the other hand, I think this would also be the perfect setting for a psycho film. Can't you just picture the main character sitting in that rocking chair rocking back and forth with the creak, creak, creak sound of the floor boards as her victim lies helpless tied up in that tub? Either way, this bathroom works! heeheee... Now how many people are going to want to recreate this look for their home?!

image via: honey hands

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